Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Wine Brings Back Memories

A Photo I Took of Wine Bottles In Spain

Ok, I failed at the first day of the Yoga Challenge...Don’t worry I haven’t given up just yet.  It’s a bump in the road... I had such a busy, hectic day, so I decided to pour myself a glass of Malbec. 
The instant the juice hit my lips, memories flooded my brain.  The first memory was of this past summer.  I had such a happy summer working at my friend’s wine shop, Epernay Wines.  It’s beautifully located on Nantucket Island.  Almost every person that walks through the door has at one point said, “This is the most beautiful wine shop I have ever seen.”  Needless to say, this is my favorite wine establishment to drink wine in the whole wide world.  It’s a magical spot.  I especially love being in the store when it’s raining outside. The way the soft light hits the wine bottles, giving the room a warm glow.  It’s the perfect setting for magical moments and I’ve witnessed a few...Especially when there's a wine tasting.

 My second sip from my glass, I remembered conversations had over wine with one of my good friends, who just happens to own the shop.  Memories, upon memories of us laughing so much it hurts.  Sunny days sipping on something cool and fresh that she had just discovered.  Or her always being close by to celebrate a beautiful moment over a glass of bubbles.  Tasting this Malbec brought back happy memories of her.  Every now and again when I sip on wine, I think of her.  She has such a passion and knowledge for wine, it’s contagious. 

The next memory that hit was of an all white posh hotel room in the middle of a cold, dark winter landscape.  I was with an old flame.  This was the very peek of our relationship.  Why it is that the very best moment in a relationship just happens to be the moment before everything heads down hill?  We were happy to be alone together.  Happiest surrounded us that night.  It was snowing outside, so we decided to forgo our dinner reservations.  I had packed a little black dress for the occasion but was happily more comfortable lounging around.  He had packed a bottle of Bordeaux and picked out a few of my favorite cheeses to match the robust red.  I remember him brushing my hair from my face as I took a sip from the hotel glass.  He smiled at me and I felt relieved.  I could finally breathe, we were alone and happy together.

Yes, for me, wine has a way of bringing so many wonderful memories to the surface.  Maybe that’s why I keep savoring every drop.


  1. Why it is that the very best moment in a relationship just happens to be the moment before everything heads down hill?

    That is so true! All good things come to an end.

  2. Martie it is the truth...Hopefully, though, we then find a better beginning.

  3. Stay single. It's the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Who needs all the drama and pain and misery of a relationship?

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