Monday, June 13, 2011

Lazy Girl 2 Minute Work-Out

This is an easy work-out to do while you are getting ready in the morning.

What you’ll need:

-Toothpaste: I like Jason PowerSmile.  It’s an all natural toothpaste and it has the word Power in it, which makes me believe that I am important and starting my day off right.
-Electric Toothbrush with a timer.  Most Electric toothbrushes have a two minute timer. Chose any that you like. 
-Dirty clothes that you don’t mind dripping on or just brush your teeth naked.  Either one works. I don’t know about you, I’m a messy brusher.  Toothpaste gets everywhere.  I usually have to hold my head over the sink or I just brush my teeth in the shower.  (I do not suggest doing Day 1 or Day 4 while in the shower.  I’ve had a few accidents myself.)

Day 1/ Day 4: Legs
-Put toothpaste on brush and begin brushing your teeth. 
-While you are holding the toothbrush with one hand, hold your body steady with the other hand on the sink or counter-top. 
-Lift left leg and kick back as if you are a donkey, Hee-Haw!
-Do 10 reps then switch to the right leg and repeat. 
-Do this switching back and forth until the toothbrush shuts down. 

Day 2/ Day 5: Arms

-Repeat step 1 from day 1.
-Hold toothbrush with your right arm.
-Reach left arm to towards the wall, palms facing down, fingers pointing.
-Do five clockwise arm circles.
-Then switch and do five counter-clockwise arm circles.
-Repeat this on your right arm.
-Keep switching back and forth until the toothbrush stops.

Day 3/ Day 6: Abs
-Repeat step 1 from day 1.
-While brushing your teeth have feet pointing forward, towards the sink.
-Bend your torso to the left and then the right.
-Continue this back and forth motion like a pendulum until the toothbrush stops.

Day 7: Rest
-You may rest today but please remember to brush your teeth.

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