Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love At First Sight

“Five years ago I fell in love.”  BigRed certainly knows my heart and with this statement my heart soared.  He knows me.  He has always had the ability to read my thoughts.  When it came to me, he was psychic.  He knew my sensitivities instantly.  He knew when to move slowly with my heart or speed things up.  Maybe it’s not just me that he is able to read.  He has lead an experienced life.  This is a man that wakes up every morning and catches a few waves before heading into the office, has climbed mountains all over the world, jumped out of a helicopter onto fresh powder to ski down, he has run with the bulls in Spain and ran through a vineyard with only an open mind and cowboy boots on.  Yes, there is little in this world that this man fears.  He pushes himself to every limit, just to see how far he can go.  He has certainly inspired me to do the same.

It was “Love at first sight” when I met BigRed.  I remember the moment completely.  What he looked like, what he was wearing and how I felt.  I was out cold calling for my new job.  I had just moved to California and had only been there for a week.  I would drive around, going from building to building making appointments.  I stopped at a building that looked as though there were no businesses inside.  Very desolate.  I got out, started to walk around just to see.  I finally came upon a door.  There was no sign that anything living or breathing would be found on the other side.  I decided to keep walking down the concrete sidewalk but something inside me said, “Open the door.”  I started to walk away ignoring my inner voice, thinking there was nothing behind it.  The voice started to shout, “Open the door!”  I felt pulled towards the handle.  So I turned my heels around and grabbed the knob and pulled.  I walked in through the entryway to find an empty desk with a few papers laying on top on the metal furniture.  I shouted, “Hello?”  A young, tall, lanky man with dark hair came from the other room. 
I felt so awkward, “Hi, I’m looking for the owner.”  Just as I finished my sentence, a very tall, muscular, “Fighting Irish” looking man came from a side office.  “Yes?”  My heart stopped.  He smiled at me and his eyes were fully opened trying to figure out who I was. I lost my train of thought. He was so very tall, maybe 6’3” with a puffed out chest and arms, his hair was dark red and he had side burns that came to a point on his cheeks.  He was wearing brown plaid cargo shorts, flip flops and a dark brown t-shirt.  I didn’t speak for what felt like a year.  Everything stopped.  No one moved and the air was silent.  When I finally came to, I realized I had not said anything for a good few minutes. The whole room was looking at me, waiting for me to say something, so I did.  After my speech and I scheduled an appointment with the Fighting Irish Guy, I ran back to my office to tell everyone my big news.  “I found my new boyfriend...I am in love!  I am in love! I...AM...IN...LOVE.”

From there on I would come into his office, sit on his sofa and we would talk for hours.  I remember him always sweating profusely.  Wiping his brow and looking to me, “Are you not hot?  Is it hot in here?”  He would nervously look around the room and then call to his assistant to turn on the AC.  “It is on.”  His assistant would answer back.  “Well, turn it up.  I am sweating.”  For whatever reason, I made this big, fearless man nervous and he made my heart beat a mile a minute.  It’s when you least expect to fall for someone that you do.  Usually, the timing is off, you don’t feel at your best and you weren’t expecting to meet this person when you did.  I hope everyone is able to experience “Love At First Sight”...

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