Saturday, January 7, 2012

How To Get Red Wine Out Of Anything & Everything

As a girl that has committed many party fails...I’m know for being clumsy...I have learned to get stains out of EVERYTHING.  I used to carry with me a mini-oxiclean stain remover.  Which is the best thing on earth people, It really does the trick.  I’ve used this nifty little miracle bottle a few times on sofas, rugs and clothing.

My latest and greatest fail happen recently.  My Mother and I have been on a mini Momma Bear and Baby Bear trip for a wedding.  We were in our hotel room when the fail occurred.  My Mother was asleep and I was drinking a glass of Côte du Rhône, watching a movie.  My phone started to buzz and I awkwardly reached for it...This is where my glass of red wine went all over the hotel sheets.  “Oh $h!t!  My wine!”  My Mom woke up and then went back to sleep.  I handled the situation as best I could, I didn’t want to disturb my Mother.  Cut to the next day.  My Mother asked me where did I spilled the wine?...”Wait I don’t even want to know.  Go down and tell the hotel staff what happened.”  So I did...And I remembered, “I can get stains out of anything!”  I drove to CVS and picked up a bottle of OxyClean stain remover.  I came back to the hotel room and told my Momma Bear the plan.  She looked at me like I had five heads and said “Ok, lets try it.”  Away I went and magically the stains were removed.  My Mother and I were cracking jokes the whole time...So far this has been the highlight of our trip: Us trying to get my wine stains out of the sheets.  While I was at the sink scrubbing, I spoke in my Naughty-Dotty voice, “My Mother loves it when I’m naughty.”  She laughed, “I really did!”  My Mother nicknamed me Naughty-Dotty when I was very young because I was constantly getting into mischief.  She couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things I managed to do...”Naughty-Dotty what are you doing?”  “Nothing...” I would say with a squeaky cartoon style voice.  I’m getting off topic...Here is how you can get Red Wine out of anything and everything.

Step 1: Purchase Oxi-Clean

Step 2: Spray Oxi-Clean on stain.  Depending on the stain, use cation.  If on a carpet, sofa or mattress use it sparely since you will not be able to wash it out in a machine.  If on a clothing you are still wearing, use it sparely. 
Step 3: Work the liquid into the stain with your fingers, sometimes using your nails to work out the stain.
Step 4: Once the stain has been scrubbed, wash.  If the stain is on something you can not wash, blot the stain first with a dry towel and if the stain is not removed start with Step 2 again.  Once the stain is removed blot with a damp towel and finish with a dry town to pick up the excess water.
Step 5: Slightly marvel at how clever you are and Verbally apologize to the person whom you have spilled the Red Wine all over.

Crisis Averted!

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