Sunday, February 26, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge

A few months ago I felt my hips becoming tighter.  My theory was confirmed when my cousin allowed me to use her massage appointment.  The therapist mentioned that my hips were tight and I needed to do some extra stretches.  My tightness may have also been from being very uncomfortable when he started massaging my legs and hips.  He lifted my legs a wee bit too high off the massage table for my liking.  I felt my lady bits meet the cool air.  I have the habit of not wearing a lady shield (Underwear) while I receive massages.  I find clothes are not conducive for my to relaxation.   Of course, this was the dialog in my head...(Female massage therapist never raise my legs this high...Can he see anything?...Try to relax...You’re ok...Thank goodness I’ve been waxed...Ok, you’re relaxed, he’s a professional.  I’m sure he knows how to cover everything up...Right?)  After this, I started thinking about getting back into yoga...

Years ago in college I had a great fitness regime.  I walked everywhere, weight-trained and took enough dance classes to have a minor.  I also practiced either pilates or yoga four times per week.  I have practiced both forms of mat work for years now. Yoga since I was a little girl and pilates I have been obsessed with since I was in high school.  If it wasn’t for the pound of french fries I ate everyday in college, I would have had a completely healthy, fit body.  Now, I am far from my svelte self.  I love my body now; shapely booty, bigger lady lumps but I certainly want my flexibility and tighter abs back.  So, I have decided to take a 30 day Yoga challenge.  I will partake in a warm up practice and a different yoga routine from one of my yoga books, Om Yoga: A Guide to Daily PracticeWritten and Illustrated by Cyndi Lee. I will keep you updated on my progress and you may join in from your home if you wish.  I will hold myself accountable but I am also asking all of you World Wide Webbers to hold me to my self yoga challenge.  Everyday I will post either here, on my blog or Facebook what exactly I will do the following day. Please feel free to post here or Lazy Personal Training's Facebook page anything about yoga that you love or have found helpful. 

Starting Monday the 27th of February:

Cow pose
Cat pose
Cow pose
Downward dog
Hands and knees
Threading the needle to the right
Hands and knees
Threading the needle to the left
Child’s pose
Roll up to seated
Arm Circles
Chest Opener
Shoulder stretch
Side bend to the left
Shoulder stretch
Side bend to the right
Repeat three more times.

Sun Salute:
Mountain pose
Mountain pose arms up
Standing forward bend
Lunge right leg back (Second sequence left leg)
Downward dog
Plant pose
Knees, chest, chin
Baby cobra
Child’s pose
Downward dog
Lunge right leg forward (Second sequence left leg)
Standing Forward bend
Powerful pose
Mountain pose
Mountain pose with grayer hands

Repeat this starting with your left leg.  Work up to being able to do this sequence three times on each side.

Namaste World Wide Webbers!

 Om Yoga: A Guide to Daily Practice


  1. For Mac users, there's a great free app in the Mac App store.

    I've started using it on a daily basis and I find that it's helping a great deal.

  2. My friend has been pressuring me to start Bikram Yoga soon. I might just take it up after reading your commitment to Yoga!



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