Friday, February 24, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know

We’ve all liked someone more than ‘just friends’...Maybe you were in love.  You cared for this person, shared secrets and intimate moments.  For whatever reason, the relationship didn’t work out.  This person that you once cared for becomes ‘somebody that you used to know’.  For me, often, it’s difficult to call someone an ‘ex’.  That just seems so intimate.  Now, with time and most likely the help of someone else, my feelings become altered.  I feel torn between the two phrases.  On the one hand, calling someone an ‘ex’ resonates that sentiment of closeness of the past.  When I call someone my ‘ex’ I feel I am being true to the relationship, no matter where my stance may be in regard to my attachment.  The phrase, ‘somebody that I used to know’ hints to that you have fully moved on.  This person is not a friend, ex or apart of your life in anyway.  Which, very well could be the case, but is this phrase being true to the exchange that once occurred between the two lovers? 

I have been on both sides of this equation.  It never feels honorable to treat someone as somebody you used to know.  Especially, when at one moment in time, this person held your affections.  No matter how brief the relationship. But where do we draw the line?  And is it healthy to still call someone your ‘ex’ when in reality, they have become somebody you used to know?  Can you fully move on from a connection if you still give the affair a name?

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  1. I think it depends on the state of the relationship at the time the reference is made, and whether or not there is any actual communication. Fortunately all of my ex-girlfriends I can reasonably count as friends, but my second ex-wife refers to me as, "the father of my children", which takes our personal past relationship completely out of the picture. I don't like it. Makes me feel like her egg fertilizer.

  2. In time, you forget all the people you once knew.

  3. How about, "Who?"


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