Wednesday, February 22, 2012

20 Reasons Why I Love Nantucket This Winter

Madaket Sunset

When winter rolls around on Nantucket Island, I often hear people complain about the island and how there's nothing to do. 
The problem is we're not seeing all of the benefits of living here when the island life slows down.  Nantucket Island just happens  to be two very different islands all rolled into one Grey Lady.  During the summer it's a city; Beautiful People, world class food and entertainment.  And during the winter; A small town, where life slows down to that of yesteryear...A strong community, quiet time and peace.  No where else in the world is like Nantucket Island...There's a special magic here during the winter, spring, summer and fall...Come see for yourself.

Why I Love Winter This Year.

1. Guest Celebrity Bartenders:  What!?!  Holly is down at Dune?  What!?!  Johnny B is where?!  The Kid is at Lola?!  Yes!  So many fun bartenders make featured appearances during the Winter...It's fantastic that you actually get to talk and have a good time with your favorite Bar Gods and Goddesses.

2. It’s not winter weather we’re having...It’s Spring time on ACK.  There have been a few snow flurries and a couple of winter chill days but nothing compared to past years.  I love being outside and letting the cool air fill my lungs.

3. Daffodils are popping up everywhere...Can’t help but smile when I see a flower in bloom...Sure it's most likely a hint of Global Warming but I try not to think about it.

4. No Late Fees: The Atheneum closed for a month but I was able to grab about 30 books and movies before they did...Enjoying every second of it...The books range from mindless entertainment to self improvement...and the movies are roughly about the same.

5. I can stay in on a Saturday night, read by the fire with a glass of wine and no one judges me...Why would they? They are doing the same activities themselves.

6. I can go out on a Tuesday night...enjoying dinner and a fun night out with my girls...and again, no one judges me...

7. Sunday all day:  Big Breakfast...Cisco...Long Walks...Madaket Sunsets...Family/'Make-shift Family' dinners...It's perfection...

8. Cisco Brewery Potlucks: During the week bring a tasty treat, then meet and greet!

9. Every restaurant has a special of sorts during the week...My favorite so far is the $10 chicken at Pazzo...The chicken is soooo juicy and I love, love, love the root vegetables that it is served with...In second comes 12 Degrees for their $12 Lobster or Steak Dinner...And I need to try the three course $15 special at Fifty-Six Union...I hear it’s amazing!

10. Farm talks - Every Saturday at 10am there is something new to learn about at Bartlett's Farm...I love the cooking segments...

11. Week Day Tea Time with friends: "Oh so that's what happened?!" 

12. Meeting new people that live on the island...without the craziness of summer, we’re all able to relax and unwind. 

13. Dinner Parties - Restaurants during the summer may boast some of the best food in the world but Winter dinner parties just happen to be where I taste some of the best food on Nantucket.

14. Island Events - It seems like every week there is something to go out for.  The community really comes together in the winter to support their own...This year especially.

15. Monday Night Bingo - How much did that person win?!

16. Enjoying a glass of wine during a movie at the Starlight - Sure you can drink at the movies during the summer but it’s cozier in the winter and less of a crowd

17. This winter it’s warm enough to sit on Madaket Beach and watch the sunset...It’s one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world

18. The showing of Classical Movies around the island...I was able to see The Maltese Falcon at the Coffin School the other week.  Sure my friend and I were the youngest in the room but it was magical.  We were transformed to another time and place.

19. Knitting...Crocheting...I don’t do any of these crafts but my friends do...So, I get cute winter gear.

20. Snuggling: Think about it...It’s just the right temperature at night for some quality snuggles and cuddles...I am always super excited for snuggle weather!


  1. I'm a fan of #11, but I'll take a #6 if I can get it!!

  2. This is the hottest winter in recorded history on Nantucket. Flowers and plants started blooming in January this year. I have never seen that before here.

  3. Kelly - I am always up for the time and the place!

    Martie - It's so shocking and beautiful at the same time. No matter what, I feel lucky to live on Nantucket.

    Thank you both for reading!

  4. Kelly - I am always up for the time and the place!

    Martie - It's so shocking and beautiful at the same time. No matter what, I feel lucky to live on Nantucket.

    Thank you both for reading!


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