Friday, February 17, 2012

He Can't Catch A Break

I was catching up with one of my guy friends, The Lone Ranger and he was informing me of some of his dating mishaps...I should say, trying to at least reach a daring dating mishap.

 “You have fun dating disasters LazyGirl...That’s F’ing wonderful...I’m in a bit of a dry spell.  I would kill to have at least have a chance. So, why it is almost every-time I go up to a girl and ask her to dance, or just to talk, she instantly becomes a lesbian...It’s instant...I saw the last person she made out with.  She an’t no lesbian!”

When a female does this, it just ruins it for the real lesbians out there.  When a woman, in the context of being in a bar or club, says that she’s a lesbian more than likely she is not.  There is a chance that she could be or maybe bi but more than likely she is thinking, this is the best way for you to get the hint she’s not interested.  This is where most girls are wrong.  Most lesbians know not to say this to a guy.  When a woman utters the word ‘lesbian’, most men perk up...Some men like a challenge, others don’t care.  They love lesbians and will pursue you in hopes you’ll let him join in the fun...Or at the very least watch...Seriously, you could have a unflushable on your hands...

So ladies, if you're not into getting down and dirty with a girl, quit coming up with lame excuses. Be honest and just say no.  And guys move on to the next girl.  There is a chance she could come back around...It’s a numbers game...

Guys: I am still working on my post for my friend..."How to approach a girl."  Stay tuned...It's coming soon.

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