Sunday, January 1, 2012

The One That Got Away

I recently went to visit a friend of mine, let’s call him my Italiano Professore.  He’s been very helpful in bringing Italian culture into my life.  During my visit we laughed at all the blog posts we were coming up with...some of which I don’t even know if I will post, a little more risque than I am ready to reveal at this time...but needless to say it was an entertaining visit.  While sitting in his kitchen enjoying a glass of Gavi, we talked about intense love.  He said when you have that intense love and the relationship ends, the person always comes back.  My response, “I hope not.”  It complicates your current life.  Maybe I’ve moved on or I’m with someone new.  I’ve had this before.  I was in a relationship when an ex would phone telling me sweet reconciliations.  Of course, I still have some underlining connection to this person but I was with someone else.  This got me to thinking of the term “The One That Got Away.”  Is it a reality?

I’ve had a few intense relationships in my life.  For a moment love was abundant.  The way they look at me, would send my heart to another dimension.  Love was overflowing and all around us...but like most things in life, things end and something else begins.  I’ve never been with someone that I considered “The one that got away.”  In my experience, I loved the person, cared for them and if the relationship ended I always knew I would heal from the pain, move on and find someone that maybe is better suited for me.  Almost like an upgrade.  With each relationship I find someone better for me, my needs and wants...always improving upon the last.  Yet, I will always care and love those I once cared and loved.  The initial emotion has changed and I no longer have certain feelings towards that person but if they were to call and need my help I would be there for them.  And of course there are those relationships where if you were to see that person maybe the old emotions would flood your being.  You remember what you once were and what you once felt for that person.  I've been there were you almost forget the world around you and maybe why things didn't work out in the first place.
I have noticed, guys tend to hold onto past relationships.  On a few occasions I have received a phone call saying, “You’re the one that got away.”  This certainly flattering and what you want to hear from an ex.  I think everyone wants to believe that they could still mean something to someone even after time has past.  But my response has always been to this statement, “I didn’t get away, you let me go.”  Isn’t that the truth?  No one truly “gets away” we let them go.  We don’t fight for them.  If we did, the ending just may be different and maybe non-existent.  

Do you believe in the term “the one that got away”? 

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