Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unmanly vs. Manly

While out for drinks the other night with some of my girls, we got to chatting about men and what we find "unmanly" and what we find "manly".  I'm not sure how this conversation started but lets be honest, I can almost guarantee that if you see a group of women talking around a table, more than likely it's about guys.  There were certain things that we have found to be annoying or unattractive or just down right unmanly.  We all agreed we like a manly man.  Not all women are like this but between myself and my friends we like a MAN!  So, after a few glasses of Champagne, the girls and I came up with this list.  I hope you enjoy and if you find some of your own qualities to be "unmanly" don't sweat it.  I'm sure there will be a girl out there that will be into it...There's someone for everyone! 

-Vegetarian/ vegan: If you don't eat meat, you not eating this.  We all agreed, we're into men that like meat.
-Guys that send thank you notes: Unless you're a Friend of Dorothy...sending a sweet or funny card is attractive quality but not over the top.
-If you don't drink scotch, don't call: Unless you are a Friend of Bill.  Otherwise, if you can't handle a spicy whiskey, than more than likely you can't handle us.
-Men that wear socks with sandals or sneakers with Khaks: This is the equivalent of "Mom Jeans" Which I will be honest, "Mom Jeans" are super comfy.
-Living at home - I should not have to talk to your mom while you clean your room.  This was a big one for my friend The Naughty Nurse.  "If you're closer to 40 than 30, you shouldn't be living at home."
-Sitting crossed legged like a lady . . . unless you want to be one.
-No hair on your chest: If you drink Scotch it will come
-Manscaping Vs. Overgrown - Manscaping is a necessary but be careful no need to shave your body like Michael Phelps unless you like to wear a heavy sweater in the pool. 
-Please don't highlight or color your hair blond: Or  spend more time in the bathroom than me.
- Shaving your arms or legs: Unless your name is Michael Phelps. We like our men to look like men.
-Finicky eaters: If you are not exploring food at the table, you probably don't like to explore in the bedroom. 
- Speedos: They are just creepy...AGAIN unless you are Michael Phelps or want to tan your cheeks, it's a don't. 
-Uncomfortable with yourself and sexuality: Like the guy in SITC who slept with Miranda and then showered after every time.   Knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin is a manly thing and a big turn on!

-Strong handshake and looking me in the eye.
-Always know it is the thought that counts: Buy me dinner or coffee I don't always need a sheshe dinner. I just like to know you are thinking of me and my needs. 
-Open doors for me...Pull out my chair...Allowing me to sit first at the restaurant or bar.
- Plan a proper date: Aka plan $h!t to do with me . . . woo me 
-Ladies first in all areas: Don't be selfish, it's not attractive.
- Ability to build things if needed: Good with hands.  I want to know if need be, you could build me bookshelves...or a chair...or a house.
-Reads books on a frequent basis: Playboy does not count and we know you don't read it for the articles.
-Giving up seats to ladies and elderly: We all agreed, if we saw a guy give up his seat to a women or someone elderly we would find that person more attractive.  If a man were to give up his seat on the subway for me and then ask me for my number, I would give it to him.  It's the equivalent to laying down your jacket over a puddle.
-Sometimes ordering for me: We like it when a man takes charge.  (Not too much of course) It's nice when he's been to a restaurant and knows the menu and will order a few favorites he wants you to try.
-When trying to meet ladies . . sending a drink is a power move:  The ladies were all in agreement, send a drink, then let me come over to you.  It's always a classic move and a classic move with get you everywhere. 
-Appreciation even if a one night stand - - -Always walk me to the car or home or pay for the cab ride.


  1. Naturally, the ARE no one-night stands with MY daughters. (And, I MEEEEN it.) Signed, Her Mother

  2. Umanly- being PC (diplomatic is ok). Manly men also stand up for those who are weaker. That's right; I expect a man to protect children and females when needed. from sister married to a manly man :)


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