Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nothing Like A Great Girlfriend

I don’t know if you remember the post I wrote about me and The White Queen going to a psychic in Salem Mass...Well, she said I would soon meet and fall madly in love with my soulmate...and it would happen fast and the relationship would be Hot, Hot, Hot! Um, who wouldn't want that?  It’s been a few months and I’ve met some amazing people...Gone on some great dates... Some of these beautiful people I have fallen in love with some part of them.  My friend the Snake Charmer recently said to me, “I just don’t understand why you haven’t settled down...especially with some of the stories that I have heard.”  My first thought was, “I don’t settle.”  My second thought was, “Why should I settle down with someone when I have amazing friends like you.”  I was out to dinner with the Snake Charmer and Adventure Girl the other night.  Spare of the moment as it were.  I was actually supposed to go out with a friend but canceled because of the amount of work I had to finish...Then I get a text message from Snake Charmer, “Dinner and drinks tonight!”  I pleaded for another night later in the week but all of our schedules conflicted.  So, I said, “What the hell, why not.  I only have a little time with Adventure Girl before she's off on another adventure.”  I hopped in the shower, straighten my hair, put on my ruby red lip-gloss and a pair of high heels.  I met up with the girls at one of our favorite Mediterranean Restaurants, Pazzo.  (Talk about hot!) It didn't take us very long to enter into catch up mode.  It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen each other but if felt like no time has passed.  We laughed all night long.  We got a few awkward glances from on-lookers but we were having too much fun, just the three of us.  A dinner that was supposed to be an hour or so turned into over a three hour mouth watering meal.  We were the last ones to leave the restaurant, as the snow was beginning to fall onto the ground.  There was one moment from me laughing so hard I felt my heart stop repeatedly and I had a mini-heart attack.  Laughing would not be the worst way to go, if you ask me.  Through out the night I thought silently to myself, “I have never found this with a guy, nor could I really show this side of myself to a guy.  Only with my girls am I able to open up to, laugh so hard I think I’m going to have a heart-attack, be stupid, goofy or clutzy (SnakeCharmer asked to me not spill my wine all over her succulent roast chicken.  I have a tendency to spill, knock or bump into any object in front of me.  I have the bruises all over my body to prove it.)  My girlfriends just laugh at my dating stories and when I do my best rendition of the robot dance while no one else is on the dance floor.  Yeah, it’s going to take an amazing guy to distract me away from my ladies.  (Also, an amazing guy that loves my antics, craziness and intensity.  I'm not for everyone, nor should I be.)

...So... Cheers to your girls that know your weakness for chocolate lava cakes and deliriously delicious men. 

Cheers to your girls that curse the day your ex cheated on you and still give him the evil eye and spike his coffee with eyes drops...even many years later.

Cheer to your girls that can watch Love Actually with you and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby.

Cheer to your girls that have your back, even when you’re being a bitch or Bat$hit crazy.

Cheers to your girls that bring to you to the airport at 6am.

Cheers to your girls that don’t judge you for being you...actually, they love you for it.

Cheers to your girls that text or call you...”I just met your new boyfriend...get your hot booty here now!”

Cheers to your girls that show up when you didn’t ask them to but you needed them by your side.

Cheers to your girls that answer their phone at midnight and stay up while you weep weakness water all over your cellphone because you just saw your boyfriend in the arms of another woman.

Cheers to your girls that you can laugh with so hard your sides hurt.

Cheers to your girls that somehow make you feel like everything is going to be alright.

Cheers to your girls that dance in your living-room with just you on a Saturday night with a Screwdriver cocktail in one hand and an air microphone in the other, doing their best remake of “Stayin’ Alive”.

Cheers to your girls that don't ask you to be anything but who you are...

If you don’t have good girl friends put it on your vision board for one or two girls you can laugh so hard with, milk shoots out of your nose...because good girlfriends stick around through the break-ups, through the tears, they can make you laugh, they can make you feel loved and appreciated, they can make you feel like “he better be the most amazing man to give up time with my ladies”.  Your best girl friends will always be there even though you haven’t seen each other in weeks or months or years.  They stick around when you lose or gain 5, 10 or 50 pounds. Your best girl friends lift your spirits and your heart.  You haven’t lived until you’ve found yourself a good group of girls that love you for you and you love them for them.

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  1. I LOVE! This! 3 cheers for the girls! Whooop, whooop! hahahaahahahahahaahahahah! I'm telin' ya! Nothing like a good time with the girls! In fact, i pretty much make sure that birthday's are girl's nights, and I actually have girl's night parties, cause, well, I DON"T have to tell you why! :)
    Cate :)


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