Tuesday, January 3, 2012

They Look Like Two Gurus In Drag

Have you ever noticed that when you start dating someone and things become serious, you start becoming each other.  I have certainly picked up a few boyfriend traits along my dating life:

Words I have taken as my own: Dufflebag...Jeeezzz...Ohhhh, NooOooo...Craziness!...Let’s be honest...

Then you start dressing the same...I have walked out of the house on a few occasions dressed just like my man, unintentionally of course...People find it either cute or annoying that you also use the same hand gestures when you speak...And then the big one happens, you start referring to your relationship as “we”.  “We don’t like olives.”...”We love the XXs.”...”We go to that lake all the time to camp.”...”We loved that movie.”...”We love books on tape.”...Yes, the we, we, we’s start popping up left and right and you’re friends start wondering if you need to go to the bathroom because you say it so much.

I remember a moment when Captain America and I were at a party and I over heard his conversation, "Yeah, we saw that movie and we loved it!  You need to see it...Babe, didn't we love (Insert movie)."..."Yeah we did!  So good.  We may see it again."

It's no wonder we have a hard time when "we" becomes "me"...

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