Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dr. Seuss Is A Genius!

Dr. Seuss

I have many heroes...One just happens to be Dr. Seuss.  I often find myself thinking, "What would Dr. Seuss do?"  I would love to live in his mind for just one day.  It must have been magical.  When I lived in San Diego I would often drive by his old house and just try to pick up some of the creative energy.  If you have visited San Diego and really took in the surrounds, you would be able to see the inspiration he gathered for some of his drawings.  San Diego, especially La Jolla, looks very similar to his artwork in his books.  There are funky treas, roads that wind and wind and so many colors that paint the San Diego backdrop. 

Before I moved to San Diego my sister, BigSis, gave me a very special book, Oh The Places You'll Go.  It is typically given to high school graduates but she thought it would be appropriate since I was setting off on a new adventure.  And it was.  To the naked eye Dr. Seuss's books appear to be simple children's book.  Reality is,  I think they serve adults more than they do children.  These books are inspirational, complicated and can give motivation to live the life you're supposed to lead. 

Page From "Oh The Places You'll Go."
I like this poem and this photo for days when fear tries to enter your life.  Beat it with a barbed wire bat!

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