Thursday, January 12, 2012

What If?

What If I Never Challenged Myself?

There are two sides to this coin of “What If?”.  You flip “what if” in the air and it could land on; don’t proceed or full steam ahead.

So, What If?

What if you don’t take the risk?  What will happen?  What if you do take the risk?  What will happen?

A goal in my life is to be old, grey, sitting on my rocking chair surrounded by my great-grand-babies sipping on a glass of Champagne and not uttering the words, “What if?”  I never want to think about a missed opportunity.  I am more secure in knowing I tried and failed, than never trying at all.  In my life, I have had to work through some tough experiences.  I often think about, “What if that never happened to me?  Where would I be?  Who would I be?”  I think about the person that I am because of what happened to me.  I think about the people that I’ve met because of what happened to me.  I think about the events that have lead me to where I am today.  I find myself being grateful for the experiences.  Grateful for something tragic because without that experience I would not have made a new friends, grown in some way, moved to a new city or enjoy a truly euphoric adventure.  I turned pain and suffering into something more because if I didn't, my only other option would be pain and suffering.  I know it’s ok to fail.  Sure, people will judge me, they always will.  But I can sleep at night because I took a risk and I won’t have to wonder “What if I never tried?”.  I am working towards that rocking chair where the furthest thing from my mind will be “what if?”

Which side of the coin do you fall on? Would you take a chance in love?  Would you take a chance in business?  Would you take a chance just for yourself?

What if you never went to that party?  You would have never met your boyfriend/girlfriend.

What if you never decided to start your own business?  You would have never known what it feels like to be truly free.

What if you never took that trip?  You would have never learned a new language.

What if you never changed your hairstyle and got bangs?  You would have never known to not get them again.   Just kidding I love bangs!

Our experiences that often lead to “What if that never happened?”, shape who we are and the wonderful person we will hopefully become.

My hope for you in this new year, is that you don’t have to ask yourself “What if?”  Take a risk to do what you’ve always wanted to do, love whom you’ve always wanted to love and cherish a moment you will remember for a lifetime.

What If My Parents Never Married? I wouldn't be alive and have my wonderful Sibs.

What If I Never Moved To San Diego?  I would have never met all the amazing people that I did and fallen in love.

What If I Never Traveled? I would have never fallen in love with one city after the other.

What If I Never Moved Back To The Island That I Adore? I would have never fallen in love with all of my amazing friends.

What If I Never Followed My Joys?  I would have never jumped on the bed.

What If We Never Fell In Love With Someone?  We would have never felt what it feels like to truly fly.

You think this boat is going to sail it's self?  Well, it's not.

What If I Never Moved To Florida?  I would have never found my baby boy Jack.

What If I Cared What People Thought Of Me? I would have never been my true self.

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