Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Night A Shoe Store Saved My Life...

Or the other week...Whichever way you want to look at it.

Missed Connection:

I spotted you from across the store.  You are sexy in an underrated way.  Your shape and presence kinda reminded me the roaring 20s.  I could tell you would be comfortable to wear but fun at the same time.  I could wear you all night long and not be tired of you.  I just have this feeling we are meant for each other.  When that other girl walked in the store, I knew who she was going for...You stand out.  She tried you on and her eyes beamed with delight.  You left with her after only two minutes of her wearing you.  My heart sank.  If you have a cousin or if things don’t work out with her, call me.

My dream shoes are in someone else's closet.  They were so comfortable and sexy it was ridiculous.  I mean seriously, where can you find a sexy pair of shoes that really do feel like a sneaker? I tried them on quickly, then took them off and place them back on the shelf because I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted them.  I am slightly an indecisive person.  This was my first mistake.  Within moments, a woman came off the street, tried them on and two minutes later left with them on her feet.  Yeah, they were that hot!  I can’t be sad though...since I was in the most incredible shoe store in Boston!  I love this store.  Quality shoes, ranging from stylist and fashionable to sexy and sophisticated.  They have men's shoes as well.  I didn’t spend too much time glancing but I could tell they were Italian or Spanish from the style and craftsmanship.  After a little time browsing and some help from the owner, I was able to find my new favorite pair of shoes.  A different style than the dream shoes, not a high heel but a kitten heel, perfect for work or a casual outing.  I’m happy to say I will be going back for more...

See for yourself...Nahas Shoes in the North End

Address: 285 Hanover st, Boston, MA 02113
Phone: 6175236520

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