Monday, December 19, 2011

I Just Want To Snuggle

Have you ever been in a dog-pile?  I mean this literally, have you?  This past weekend part of my siblings arrived to start the holiday celebrations.  We were enjoying some bubbles, telling stories and just being silly on Saturday night.  We started off at a benefit and then moved to a family house for a quick drink before heading out dancing.  Or at least that was the plan.  After the benefit, we ended up staying in the house for loads of silliness.  The night was getting very close to morning when I decided to just rest my eyes for a bit.  My siblings decided to put together a puzzle and as much as I love puzzles, I knew if I started staring into the jigsaw pieces, I would have rested my eyes and head on the floor.  So I decided to rest my eyes in the available bedroom, which housed my brother Fizz’s two golden retrievers.  When I walked in the room, Casey the male dog was on the bed and Luna the female dog was on the floor wrestling a sock.  I hopped into bed with Casey.  I have known Casey since he was a puppy.  Really, they are both under three, which in Golden years is still a puppy.  Golden’s have so much energy!  So, I crawled under the covers and Casey laid next to me so I could spoon him.  It didn’t take long for Luna to decide she wanted apart of the action and she pounced on the bed and laid behind me.  This was a happy moment for me, all snuggled up to two puppies.  Once the puppies seemed ready for a snooze, I pulled the covers up around my neck.  Which then prompted the two puppies to decide to Riverdance all over my body.  To shield myself, I turned onto my stomach and pulled the covers over my head.  Within a few moments of me laying completely still, the puppies calmed down.  Casey laid his head on my ankles and Luna laid hers on my booty.  Have you ever had an animal lay their head on you?  I swear to goodness, it is the sweetest thing in the world.  Whatever sort of day you’re having, it doesn’t matter because it feels so good having that little guy rest their noggin and look up to you with their sweet eyes.
When these two puppies were all snuggled up to me, there was a calm “ah” moment that befell upon me...Until my foot twitched and then the puppies were up at the speed of light ready to do the foxtrot on my backside.  “What the F!” I thought silently to myself.  “Ok, what do you normally do to calm two crazy children down?  I sing to them.  Ok, so sing a song, maybe this will help.”  This is the conversation I was having inside my head.  I started to sing Bii-Louw, which is a lullaby that my Mother sang to me and her Mother sang to her and so on and so forth.  The puppies, at this point were both to my left side and began to lay down after a few verses.  In which, I was singing and spooning (somehow) both puppies.  We had finally found the right combination for the three of us to rest for a bit, when my brother opened the door.  Both puppies leaped off the bed like a couple of deer and ran out of the room.  My brother Fizz then shut the door and I was by myself for a moment, missing the puppies warmth and their capabilities to make me feel like sausage meat encased in blankets. 
I heard a few laughs coming from outside the door and then I heard nothing.  Which if you’ve ever been around my family doesn’t happen.  It’s like my Big Fat Greek Wedding, we’re loud, even when it’s just a few of us.  Fizz opens the door again, this time I see him throw something on the ground which makes a cracking noise.  He leaves and shuts the door.  Within a few seconds he opens the door again, while on his knees and throws something else on the floor, which also makes a cracking noise.  I ask him what he is doing, to which he replies, “I’m breaking candy.”  It was at this moment when I knew something wasn’t right.  My brother Fizz and I play jokes on each other all the time.  We like to hide in dark corners, jump out and scare the other half to death.  I could tell this was one of those moments where one of us was playing a joke on the other.  After Fizz's excuse  of he’s “breaking candy” he closes the door and I hear laughter coming from outside the door and outside the house.  I then start to smell something foul, like rotten eggs.  And I knew what my big brother had done...Stink Bombs!

Inner Monologue:

“Oh hell no!  Grab your cell phone and meet me under the covers.  You’re going to beat this!”  I reversed Dutch Oven-ed myself and sent this text message to Fizz...You can’t stink me out!  I’m under the covers. He sent back the universal word for laughing, “Haha” to which I replied, “Fool, I grew up with your ass exploding!”  I grew up with two older brothers.  I’m used to all the gross stuff they do, in fact most of it I find funny because I grew up with it.  For years, I would come home from school to a hoard of my brother’s friends lighting their farts on fire...Yes, it can be done and I’ve seen it.

I waited out the smell, heard everyone meet defeat and then come out of the room doing my typical shadowboxing dance that I preform after every victory.  We all laughed...but wait till I get my big brother back...He may not be so joyous...Cue universally word for laughing, Haha!

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