Thursday, December 1, 2011

December is the M.E Month

I tamed this gorilla...I'm that good.

We have now entered the last month of 2011...Then it’s the last year in the Mayan Calender. 

For the month of December, I feel it is only fitting to dub it the ME Month.  M is for More and E is for Exploring.  December 2011 is now officially the month of More Exploring.  Explore life, have an open mind, help others and above all help yourself.  Have more in your life.  More new experiences.  More love.  Move time to yourself.  More time with the ones you care about the most.  More adventures big or small.  More silliness.  More laughter.  I think you get the point.  This month, more is more and you should have your fill!

Ways to get the most out of the M.E Month.

-Small town adventures: Get your friends together and do a scavenger hunt.

-Donate your time to your local community: Nothing feels better than helping someone else

-Wake up and decide to laugh all day

-Plan something just for you: Maybe it’s just an hour in a salt bath or maybe it’s a full weekend of doing nothing and talking to no one. 

-Learn something new: Take a cooking class...My personal favorite was learning to make truffles!

-Listen to your heart in all matters, it always knows best.

-Don’t listen to people, do what feels right

-Do something that scares you

-Plan a trip around something you love: Can’t get enough of food. Plan a food road trip!

-Write your life “To Do” list: Start doing something on that list this month

-Explore the local library: I love spending time in the library.  The smell of books, reading in a corner and then checking out a new book, it's an adventure for the mind.

-Take a chance in love: Don’t hold back if you really and truly love someone, tell them.

-Take a fitness challenge: I have heard doing Bikram Yoga for 30 days will change your life and your body.  I’ve done it before and loved it...Try to find a studio that isn’t smelly...It can be hard to focus on holding a position when you smell something funky in the room.

-Say Yes To Everything: Have you seen the movie Yes Man?  He changed his life with one simple word, Yes.  It’s a funny movie and I love the meaning behind it.

Your world is about to open up and change for the better.  Take a risk.  Be ready for it by knowing that there are great rewards in pushing your limits and seeing how far your spirit will take you.  Enjoy ME Month!

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