Friday, December 2, 2011

December Naughty/Nice Rules

Holy Holiday Parties Batman!  Ugly Sweaters, Santa Pub Crawl, Naughty or Nice Festival, Office Parties, Christmas, Hanukkah and Festivas for the rest of us...December is chock full of events.  If your social calender isn’t packed yet, give it time, it will be!

December is the perfect excuse to put off working out and eating right...But lets not.  Let us stay amazingly healthy this month while, still enjoying ourselves to the fullest.  How to do this and maybe even lose a few pounds?  Follow my December Naughty/Nice Rules.  It will allow you to indulge, stay fit and maybe prevent your from wearing a Santa Suit instead of your favorite catsuit to this year’s New Year’s Bash. 

Rule 1: Before the party drink an 8 oz glass of water and eat a salad with olive oil.  Add pepper, garlic powder, basil and fresh squeeze lemon for added flavor.  The water, salad and olive oil will help to curb your cravings.  The water also helps to avoid those pesky hangovers.  Plus veggies, olive oil and water will help keep your skin looking luminescent.

Rule 2: Stick to clean, unprocessed foods.  If it's packaged or came from a package stay away.  Only indulge at the party.  No cheating in-between parties.  Substitute your craving for something healthy.  If you can help it, know your favorite holiday treats and enjoy them in moderation.

Sub-rule: What are you craving?  Here are some substitutes. 

Sweet?  Grab a piece of fruit like an orange or apple (Maybe even drizzle a bit of honey over the slices.)  Fruit not your thing?  3 oz of Dark Chocolate (At least 70% Cacao)

Savory?  Grab a hand-full of nuts, not salted.  Best for you are Walnuts and Almonds

Try to avoid salt.  Not consuming salt will help to prevent becoming bloated and you’ll fit better into that dress that hugs you in all the right places.

Rule 3: Keep moving...Even if you’re standing still, talking with that hot co-worker, keep your stomach tight and your legs moving.  This still burns calories.  Don’t forget to laugh!  And My favorite...Get on the dance floor!  Burn calories, tone your body and help your skin glow.  You know that dance move that girls do with their hands waving above them?  Well, this move will help to tone your arms.  Want to tone your booty and legs?  Drop it like it’s hot!  Think squats for the dance floor.  Want a tighter stomach?  While on the dance floor focus on pulling your belly button into your spine.  And added dance move is rocking side to side while moving your hips in the opposite direction.  Want glowing skin, sweat it out!  The moisture from sweat will help to keep wrinkles away and give you some added moisture through the winter months.

What to drink:  Stay away from anything pre-mixed like Margaritas.  Remember to alternate between alcoholic beverage and water.  Not only will this help fight the bulge but you won't have a hangover the next day.

    In one 5oz glass of White Wine there are 120 calories and Red Wine there are 127 calories...Be aware, restaurants and parties tend to pour a much larger portion than 5oz (Thank goodness right?)

    In one 4.1 oz glass of Champagne or Sparkling Wine there are 78 Calories.


    Vodka: One ounce has 78 calories.  Best to have this with soda water and fresh lime juice.
    Tequila: One ounce has 64 calories.  Best to have this with soda water and fresh lime juice.
    Gin: One ounce has 64 calories.  Best to have this with soda water and fresh lime juice.
    Whiskey: One once has 73 calories.  Depending on your preference, serve over ice.  It’s a crime to drink Whiskey or Scotch anything but straight or over rocks. (Ice)

Beers - I love beer!  Unfortunately, It can make you look and feel bloated.  There’s a reason they call it beer belly.  If you can drink something else, do.  If not, here are some choices.

    Amstel Light: 95 calories
    Bud Light: 95 calories
    Michelob Ultra: 95 calories
    Guiness: 125 calories

I was going list what to eat at the parties but I don’t want to discourage you from enjoying yourself.  What’s the point of having taste buds if you can’t enjoy them.  Enjoy the Season!

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