Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Passion Is A Must

You’re nothing if you don’t have passion.  While catching up with my Mother, we were discussing her and my Father’s beginnings.  There are videos of them back in the early 70s.  When they were first dating, they would make-out everywhere and I mean everywhere!  Wrapped up in each other on sofas, behind parked cars, at restaurants...They didn’t care who was there watching or even that there was someone recording them.  They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.  I have a vivid picture of my Mother skipping around in my grand-parent’s driveway wearing a green mini dress with her bright red hair billowing in the wind and a smile that you know has been there for weeks.  My Father behind the lens.  Even from behind the camera, you could see how in love my Father was with my Mother. And my Mother with him. 

“You have to have passion.  We had it for years.  We still do.”  My Mother recalls, while curled up on their sofa. 

I’ve had two powerful, passionate relationships in my life.  With the first, I remember saying to him, “We have loved enough for a lifetime.  If I never love again at least I know I had it once.”  When my friends and family say the thing they say when a relationship ends, “You’ll love again.” I didn’t think I would find it again in an unlikely place, with an unlikely person.  The intensity grew to an addiction for each other.  I would watch his body relax and his eyes dilate when I entered the room.  I was more than willing to pay any price to get a fix.  We found it didn’t matter where we were we needed each other.  After a few months of becoming friends, followed by day dates ending in hugs, he finally asked to take me to dinner.  We were easy around each other.  Never a dull moment, laughing and talking about every subject under the sun.  Our minds were compatible.  We got each other.  We were the only ones in the restaurant towards the end of the night.  He leaned over to me, pressed his lips to mine and my world stopped.  The room slowed to a complete halt.  Though I was sitting, my legs gave out and my body was like a wet noodle.  He held onto me so I wouldn’t slip out of my chair.  My heart leapt out of my chest and onto his.  I had never felt what I felt in that moment and with each passing day it just got better and more intense.  If you’ve never experienced that for yourself, hold out until you do.  Someone will come into your life in the most unlikely way, in the most unlikely place.  When you see them, all you see is them and all you can think about is them. 

Even though both relationships have long ago ended, I’m happy knowing, I’ve had that passion once before and once again.  I take comfort in knowing, I’ll find it again.  I think people forget about the passion and that it does exist.  We settle for comfort and security, when we should be holding out for the person or striving for the life we can’t get enough of.  You’re nothing if you don’t have passion...In love and in life.

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