Monday, November 21, 2011

A Little Egg Info & How To Do A Dropped Egg

Eggs are amazing!  Not only do they provide a great source of protein but vitamins and omega-3s as well.  Eggs will help you to achieve a well-balanced diet, help your skin, hair and nails look their best.  Best way to eat an egg is hard-boiled or poached.  Some say scrambled, but in my opinion you still have to add butter or spray to the eggs and as well as the eggs are still prepared in a fry pan.  Almost like fried eggs in my opinion, not quite as unhealthy but still.  Personally, my favorite way to make eggs is fried with the yolk runny.  I love dipping my bread!  Health wise, this isn't the best choice, since it is fried and this raises the calorie count.  So, I have made the conversion to a dropped egg also known as a poached egg.  Bonus: There is also an easier clean up compared to fried eggs.

Calories in a dropped egg (Poached Egg) - 54 Calories
Calories in a fried egg - 92 calories

You'll save 38 calories per egg just by switching to poached eggs.  That's 532 calories per week, if you consume two eggs every day of the week.

How To Do A Dropped Egg (Poached Egg)

What you will need:
A small pot
A mug
White Vinegar
Wooden Spoon or Stirring Spoon
Slotted Spoon
Paper Towels

Boil water in a small pot.  While water is reaching boiling point, crack egg(s) in a mug.  Once the water is boiling add white vinegar and stir water clockwise or counter clockwise.  While the water is whirling pour eggs from the mug into the pot.  The vinegar and the stirring action allows the eggs to mold together.  Once the eggs are cooked at the point of desire, take the slotted spoon and drain the eggs.  Place eggs on paper towels or napkins to drain the excess liquid, then move to a plate and enjoy!

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