Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Judging Someone?

Since I was little I have been concerned with the way I look in some way shape or form.  How does my hair look?  How does this shirt look?  Do I look good in this dress?  Is my make-up messed up?  I am the type of person who hates to leave the house without looking semi decent...Afraid to bump into someone I may know and they see me in my gym clothes.  When I was younger and my Mother would ask me to go to town for something I would say, "Ok, let me get ready." 

My Mother would look at me and say, "Who is looking at you?"  She didn't mean this in a harsh way.  It was her way of saying, "What's the big deal.  You look fine.  Fine enough to get a gallon of milk." 

"Mom, I may bump into someone I know." There was always a little bit of a whine in my voice.

"Who cares."  My Mother ceased to care what people thought of her years ago. 

Since I can remember my Mother was her own person.  She didn't care what people thought of her.  She would let her six kids follow their immaginations where ever it would lead them.  My brothers would often ask my Mother if we could make videos.  My Mother would say yes and set up the video camera.  We would all dance around to Michael Jackson, put on a play or make a horor movie.  Our minds were our very own playground, in which my Mother let us run free.  Very often I would want to go to school wearing cowboy boots, a tutu, and a side ponytail to school. Other parents would be shocked at my Mother for her allowing her children to go to school in such a way.  To my Mother, she was allowing her children to be THEIR own person and think for themselves.  Allowing a bit of freedom.  She didn't see the big deal.  I remember my Mother saying to me, "People judge you not for what you are doing but for how it affects them." 

These words ring true in my mind and have comforted me on numerous occasions.  Friends and neighbors talking behind your back more than likely this is because what you are doing in your life that either they wish they could do or they feel effects how society views them.  Judging someone serves no purpose but fueling a negative fire.  We all judge, it's human nature but maybe since we are all so flawed we should stop judging and work on our own short comings.  I know for me I don't judge someone for spelling or grammar mistakes since I am horrific myself.  Instead, I work on finding an easy way to remember proper grammar and maybe the correct way to spell kat.

John 8:7 But when they continued asking him, he looked up and said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her."

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