Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Just Right

Dating is like being Goldiocks and The Three Bears. 

The soup is too cold, sometimes it’s too hot and sometimes it’s just right.

The bed is too soft, sometimes it’s too hard and sometimes it’s just right.

This bear is too much, sometimes this bear is not enough and then sometimes this bear is jjj-ust right.

Yes, dating is like Goldie-locks breaking and entering into your love house trying to figure out what feels wrong and what feels oh so right.  Let’s explore this shall we.

There are three types of relationships:

Cold and Confused - This probably started off fun and light and with a swift kick to the naughty bits turned into “What the hell is going on here?”  Once you ask yourself that question, it’s time to leave this love house.  You have hit the relationship expiration date.  This soup is too cold!

Warm and Comfortable - There are no real fireworks.  You are great friends.  Very comfortable in front of each other.  This is the type of relationship that works best for marriage.  This is also the relationship that one may quickly tire of.  Be careful, warm and comfortable may also lead to infidelity.  Try to have some mystery.  Try to find those fireworks.  In my opinion, if there are no fireworks what’s the point.  Unless, you don’t mind not having fireworks.  Which is perfectly acceptable.  Some people don’t and some people do. It’s a matter of how you like your soup.

Hot and Intense - This is by far my favorite!  You can’t get enough of each other.  They leave the room for a minute to go grab a beer, they come back and it’s like you haven’t seen each other in a year.  Just constantly touching each other, talking to each other and being around them makes you feel like you are on cloud 9.  To me, this isn’t “the soup is too hot” relationship.  To me this is just right.  Just remember that everyone goes through a dip in the relationship, where the heat becomes warm, maybe even cold.  It’s up to you what sort of soup you like.

Recently, I had all three relationships within one person.  Intense one moment, warm the next, followed by cold, then me questioning how I have stayed within this tryst for so long.  I could go into the reasoning behind me sticking around but what’s the point.  It only comes down to one thing, it never felt right.  I've had those thoughts before, “This just isn’t right.”  Maybe it is the way they hold my hand.  Maybe they don’t quite get my humor.  Maybe when I kiss them it just feels strange and foreign.  If these thoughts are popping into your head, you may do one of two things:  Stick around and try to fix it.  Depending on how small, sometimes you can grow together and figure it out.  The second option, is to set that bear free because you know there is another bear out there that will be just right.  There always is...Even if it takes some time to find.

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