Friday, October 7, 2011

Dominate or Submissive?

What’s your roll in the game?

Many onlookers to the BDSM culture (Most would know this as S&M) would say that the dominatrix (Dominate for Male) would be the dominating personality.  They would be wrong.  It’s the submissive that dictates how much they are willing to take.  It’s the submissive that decides when enough is enough.  It’s the submissive that sets the boundaries of the game.  From the outside, the submissive is meek, weak and is willing to kiss and lick someone’s boots.  You often hear from the submissive, “Thank you...May I have another?”  Where as, the dominatrix is feared and worshiped.  They call the shots.  They have little care for the well being of the submissive.  The dominatrix is selfish and thoughtless.  The dominatrix is a giver though.  Gives the submissive exactly what they want...a mix between pain, humility and control.

In life, what are you? Are you the weak submissive or the feared dominatrix?

If you’re the submissive, you have more power than you think.  You decide when enough is enough.  You decide how much you are willing to take.  You can temporarily give your power to the dominatrix but this is fleeting.  You may decide at any time when you want your power back.  

If you’re the dominatrix, people live in fear of you.  Fear does not equal respect though.  Fear, just like any emotion is fleeting and can be easily replaced.  The dominatrices power comes from the submissive releasing their power.  Their whole persona depends upon the submissive.

For me, I say, one must have a balance between submitted and dominating in life.  A delicate balance for sure...What do you think?

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