Friday, September 9, 2011

Time to Reboot

What to do:
Turn off computer.  Let it sit and cool down for a while.  Turn on computer.  Allow computer to adjust.

When I turn off my computer and then turn in on again, I find that my computer works faster and more efficiently.  I have also found that when I open my web browser, everything that I was searching for, pages I may have opened and of course, my Facebook page have all been cleared.  It’s a fresh start for the computer and for me.

It's didn't take long for fall to get here.  For me, it felt as if someone flipped a switch overnight.  I went to sleep in the summer and woke up in the fall.  Now that summer is over, it's time to reboot.  To me this is what fall is, a fresh start.  A time to become whole again after the craziness of summer.  Typically, I hear winter is the time to reboot.  I believe winter is the perfect time to attack, travel and to learn something new.   What better time to delve into something new than in the long, crewel months of winter.  Fall is my time to step back and think.  What do I want?  Am I living the way I want?  What do I need to do?  I believe it’s the perfect time for long meditations and to partake in cleansing rituals. 

So what are you doing to reboot?  If nothing, than may I suggest starting small.  Meditate.  It’s the simplest way to get your body and mind right.  If you start to meditate, you will become more aware of your body.  You will eat better.  Your days will not seem as hectic.  Plus, the daily stresses will just fall right off your shoulders.  I find myself lighter and there is a sense of freedom that overcomes me.  Fall is also a great time to go through your things and cleanse your belongings.  What is no longer a necessity or of need, discard.  Fall is the time to make way for the new in your life.

A Simple Way To Meditate:

Find a quiet place to sit...Sit in a comfortable position...Breathe in through your nose...Exhale through your mouth...Your focus should be on your breathing...If you become distracted, just go back to concentrating on your inhaling and exhaling...Start by doing five or 10 minutes...Work up to an hour.

I do plan on finally posting the cleanse that I love...Please check back soon.


  1. Really, really enjoyed this post.
    Not just enjoyed, but gained by reading it.
    Not just by reading it, but by assimilating it.
    For the record, you can learn as much from listening to those younger than you as from those older.

  2. Paul thank you so much for reading. I believe the same, you can learn something from both those young and old. Obrigado is one of my favorite words in the world. I hope you are enjoying fall Paul. Thank you again.


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