Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Make Veggie Stock

Now is the time to start a stock bag for all those yummy fall and winter soups.  What is a stock bag you ask?  Take all your left over veggie scraps.  You know the butts from carrots, celery, herbs, potato peels, bits of onion and peppers and any other veggie pieces you would normally throw away and put it in a large Ziploc bag in the freezer.  When the bag is full and you’re boiling potatoes (I will tell you why in a minute.) Time to make stock!

How to make stock:

-Boil Potatoes in a large pot
-Once you have boiled the potatoes, remove potatoes from water (Potato water gives the stock a very tasty flavor as well as make the stock thicker.)
-Add garlic, peppercorns, a bay leaf and frozen bag of veggie and herb bits (Your Stock Bag) to the potato water and make sure that the veggies are completely covered with water.  You may mix tap water, if potato water doesn’t cover the veggies. 
-Turn heat on high
-Bring to a boil
-Set setting to simmer
-Simmer for an hour
-Strain veggies from liquid

Use to make soup, saute veggies, add to mashed potatoes for a new flavor...etc.

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