Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She said what?!?!

I love to wander around and discover new sites.  Even in my home town I may still find myself lost, trying to maneuver my way around the sidewalks.  I have little fear when I am lost.  I know I will always find my way, even if my way is the wrong way.  Some time ago, while walking around, I decided to sit next to an older woman.  She had a sweet expression on her face and she was carrying a basket.  So naturally, when I sit next to a sweet old lady carrying a basket I must begin a conversation.  There is so much to learn when speaking with strangers, especially someone older.  I am a firm believer that you can learn something from every person that you meet.  Especially, someone that is older than yourself.  They have seen more than I in this world and will naturally have some nugget of wisdom to share.  This particular lesson I will always remember.  Here is some of the conversation from that brief encounter.

Older Woman:  “What do you do deary?” 

Lazy Girl: “Haha, many things but I love to write. Where are you from?”

Older Woman: “I’m from the Bayou deary.  What do you write about?”

Lazy Girl: “Life.”

Older Woman: “Oh that’s wonderful!  How long have you been married?”

Lazy Girl: “No, not married.”

Older Woman: “How long have you been with your boyfriend?”

Lazy Girl: “No, no boyfriend either.”

Older Woman: “Huh, well deary, you’re too young and cute to not have a lover.”

This statement shut me up.  I was silenced by this little old southern woman’s honesty.  I was quiet for a moment before she spoke up.

Older Woman: “Go get yourself a lover.  If some tall, handsome man asks you to coffee, you should go.  Everyone needs a lover.  Take it from me.  I’ve been married four times.  My first husband I married because he was drop dead gorgeous and he had a convertible.”  And then she left me there in awe.

This older woman’s words hit me like a hammer to the head.  This shocking statement knocked the air out of my lungs.  I wasn’t expecting a little old lady carrying a basket to tell me to get myself a lover.  I was thinking she would share some sort of secret to how to make a marriage last or how to stay looking so young.  I got up off the bench and started my walk home.  Once I was home and at a safe distance from any listeners, I decided I would call my friend The Naughty Nurse.  I knew she would appreciate the highlight of my day.

Lazy Girl: “So, a little old lady just told me I’m too young and cute to not have a lover.”

Naughty Nurse: “Agreed.”

Lazy Girl: “I don’t know if this is a ‘rock bottom’ moment when a little old lady tells me I need a lover or if this is a moment of celebration to go out and get myself a lover.”

Naughty Nurse: “I’m going to write you a prescription, which should be filled immediately, go get yourself a lover.”

Lazy Girl: “Alright! I will get myself a lover.”

That night I set out on a quest to gather a lover. I had no idea what sort of lover.  Just that I better start talking with someone of the opposite sex.  I’m not one for picking up guys.  In fact, I don’t do it and I rarely give out my phone number.  But I decided that tonight I would at least talk with a few guys and maybe hand someone my digits.  I failed in my brief attempt to “get out there”.  To much of the Naughty Nurse’s dismay I am happy in my failure.  Really, I am overjoyed.  I have always believed that the Universe will put what you need in front of you when you need it.  And when it comes to love and lovers, it’s when you least expect someone that they fall into your lap.  Let me give you a small example of what I have been up against and why I am just going to continue to do my thing until I am swept off my feet.

Drunk American: “You’re from Australia aren’t you?

Lazy Girl: “Wow, how did you guess?”

Drunk American: “I have a really good ear for accents.”

Lazy Girl: “Haha, yeah that’s a talent.”

Drunk American: “’re English...I love English girls.”

Lazy Girl: “I’m impressed.”  I couldn’t get away fast enough.

 I’m in no rush to force time, especially after talking with this guy.  By the way, if there is any inflection in my voice that would indicate what my nationality or origin, that would be Northeast American...Not Australian or English.  I will admit any accent is sexy, especially Australian and English.


  1. Wisdom from the Big Easy/Bayou...
    I like your perspective.
    Smart old Soul

  2. Thank you Paul! She was awesome. I love meeting women like this. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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