Friday, September 2, 2011

Stripping: Lose Weight and Feel Like a Woman

I’ve always had a love for dance in all forms.  I often dance on my treadmill in my little home gym. (Which isn't all that pretty when I fall of.)  For me, dance is an enjoyable way to sweat.  This summer I’ve been going out with The Snake-Charmer a few times a week to just dance.

Snake-Charmer’s Boyfriend speaking to one of his friends: “Yeah, her and Lazy Girl just go out to dance.  They don’t drink.  They wear their gym clothes and get soaking wet from sweat.”

Boyfriend’s friend: “That’s gross and lame.”

I will admit that I’ve always been a fan of the art of Erotic Dance/Burlesque.  These forms of dance I have studied since I was younger.  I’ve been to a few clubs, some of which were not very impressive. I knew that I could do better, even though I've never done any Erotic Dance professionally. I know my way around a stripper pole, though.  It does help that I own one.  There are clubs that I have been to where I am wowed at the power some of these girls have over their audience.  The beauty in their dance is breathtaking.  So a few years ago when more and more stripper videos were coming out,

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with some of stripper videos that are out there.  I have a small collection.  My favorites are by Carmen Electra and Sheila Kelley's S Factor.  Carmen’s is more demonstration, giving a lap dance and so forth.  S Factor incorporates more of the mind, body experience while making you feel sexy and feminine.  Also, look into stripping work-out classes in your city or town.  There are a great work-out plus just a great way to step out of your personality and onto a “stage personality” that can be all your own.  I do suggest trying a basic video in the comfort of your home or going with a friend to a class in a studio.  Both are beneficial!


  1. Hmm, losing weight and being sexy and seductive? I mean, what can be better than that? This seems like an unusual flexibility training, but if it works, I don't know why your boyfriend is bothered by it. I know I wouldn't be, if I were him :)


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