Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Do It Already

Don't let the sound of the ticking clock speed or slow you down.

I never know where my daily feel good moment is going to come from. Recently, I got a message from BigRed, “A good laugh. How about a 50lb weight limit and my gear bag weighing 53lb. I just ate all my cliff bars and am now wearing 3 coats.”  I couldn’t help but laugh picturing BigRed stressing out at the check in counter at the airport and then having to move to the side, put on all his coats and eat 20 cliff bars.  (I know it’s around 20 bars because I’ve helped him pack for trips like this.)  BigRed, it could be time for your company to start making your own bars.  This way you won’t have to buy these tasty treats from someone else.  We chatted for a bit on his next mountain climbing adventure, six different countries over the course of a few weeks. 

Lazy Girl: “You’re a lucky guy. I want to go to there!” 

BigRed: “No luck. We all put ourselves exactly where we want to be.  Blog that.  You can come if you like.”

Lazy Girl: “I'll get over there soon.  You read my blog?”

BigRed: “Of course.  I think it’s great.”  (This made me feel special that an ex likes to read my blog.)

BigRed is right about the fact that we are all exactly where we put ourselves. When we were dating he was constantly saying to me, "Just do it already.  Don't think about it, just do it!"  For me, I have always made calculated risks.  It may seem I'm spontaneous and I change my mind often but really when I make my mind up I stick with it and when I take a risk I need the time to think about it and be 100% in.  BigRed does have a point, we are where we are today because our actions put us here, just do it already.  The only person in charge of your thinking is you!  The most powerful thing in this world is a thought.  Thoughts can grow and change who we are and who we will become.  Just because yesterday you were living in your car or you are dealing with a heartache doesn’t mean things will not change for you.  I believe in positive thinking and positive actions.  If you keep moving towards a positive focus, you will always be on the right path.  When my Father was teaching me to drive he had a few words of wisdom.

PappaBear: “Keep your eye on the road.  Whatever you are looking at you will drive towards.  So if you’re staring at that tree, you’re going to drive towards that tree.”

I think about what my Father said to me and I connect it to my life as well.  Whatever I am focusing on, good or bad I am driving myself towards it.  Another word of wisdom my Father instilled in me, “Driving is a privilege, not a right.” and “Speed will come with time.”  This too, I connect to my life.  It’s a privilege to be alive, so use your time wisely.  And it’s ok to move slowly in life.  Enjoy the ride...Do everything you want to do...Leave nothing out.


  1. Pretty amazing words of wisdom from one so young and beautiful as yourself!

  2. Thank you Skywatcher! Love your blog.

    Much Love to you!


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