Saturday, September 24, 2011

Holy Amazing!

Here is a photo of my Father and I.  I'm in ass-less leather Dad was in leather from head to toe.  A family that wears leather together, stays together!

I having been having the best weekend!  I had an interview with a married man and was able to get some pretty amazing love, relationship and marriage advice.  (I will post the interview soon!)  I was up at the crack of dawn for a motorcycle ride down south for my cousin's engagement party.  (I'm sipping on a bloody mary right aunt makes the best!)  Tonight I will be dancing up a storm with me family.  Someone just walked in with a karaoke machine, so you know something weird is about to happen. Then, tomorrow off to the festival!  Let the craziness begin...oh wait, it already has.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves...Stay tuned for my Interview with a Married Man.  So far, it could be my favorite blog post ever!

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