Friday, September 23, 2011

Body Stress Relief

Feeling stressful?  The month and quarter are coming to an end AND the end of the fiscal year.  I remember the stress I felt when I was in outside sales.  I also remember the lack of sleep.  I’m a little stressed just writing this...whoa. So what are your body best stress relievers?  For me I love to walk.  I will walk on the beach, around downtown and out to the different points on the island.  In short, I am able to walk for hours.  It helps to clear my head and reconnect with my body.  I also keep a lot of stress in my shoulders.  I tend to freeze or tense up in stressful situations.  I find I need a massage on a daily basis.  When I am around my family, I am able to find someone to give me a back rub and play with my hair.  It’s pretty much what we do every night when we are together, "backs" and watch a movie.  I love it!  When there is no one around to do “backs” with, I have to find other ways to relieve the pain.  That’s how I found the cheapest and easiest way to make my back, legs, feet, etc feel yummy again.  It’s very easy and it’s cheap!  All you will need is a tennis ball and an old tube sock.  This also works nicely after a work-out.


-Put said tennis ball in bottom of tube sock
-Take new nifty contraption by the top of the sock and bounce the ball on your shoulders, back and legs
-Use the nifty contraption for your feet by rolling your feet over the ball.
-Relax and think about how clever you are!

I will have some more stress relievers in the coming week...Please stay tuned.

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