Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Email Answered: Only One Food

Ok, I have received a lot of emails asking various questions.  I love it!  Keep them coming.  It may take me some time to get back to you but I will answer each and every question.  I have received a lot of questions regarding love.  I will answer your questions shortly.  I have already started working on them. 

This question I thought was very interesting: If I only had one food item I was able to eat for the rest of my life that would keep me healthy what would it be?  And...Could only eat one cuisine for the rest of my life what would it be?

I love to eat and it would be hard to just choose one food item.  If I am choosing for the health benefits then hands down quinoa.  It’s a complete protein, contains fiber and quinoa is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

If I am only able to have one cuisine for the rest of my life it would be Sushi.  I love sushi.  I love and have tried almost everything.  There are two items I have never tried on a sushi menu and they were really popular in Cali.  That would be Blow-fish and Live Shrimp.  Blow-fish, because if it's not prepared properly can kill you.  I love risks but not that large of a risk.  The Live Shrimp just didn’t sit well with me.  They take a large live shrimp, chop off the head, throw the head on a frying pan, serve you the live shrimp on a stick and finish with serving the fried head. Besides that I love sushi.  Sushi is also very social in my book.  I am able to sit at a sushi bar by myself and make friends.  Or I may go out with friends and share different rolls, appetizers, sashimi, etc.  I also love going for sushi while on a date.  I am able to tell a lot about someone by what they order and what they are willing to try.  I like it when a guy is adventurous and will try different items.  Almost every serious boyfriend of mine has had a special thing with wasabi.  They add it to everything just to push their limits.  I love that.  Sushi dates are also the only time that I can tolerate a guy ordering for me.  I don’t like it when a man just assumes he knows what I want.  Even if for the past three years I have been ordering chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Maybe today I will decide I want a big salad and a slice of chocolate cake.  Oh and sushi has some great healthy, satisfying items on the menu as well. 

I hope that answers your question.  Please stay tuned for the next question: Good Guy vs. Bad Boy.

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