Friday, July 15, 2011

Silence Can Be Really Wonderful

I love being an auntie.  You get to look cool in the eyes of someone you love, they think you're amazing, you have tons of fun with the little ones and then when you've had enough of them, you may hand them back to the rents.  Which brings me to today...So for lack of sleep, I have been running on a grand total of one cylinder.  I took my eldest niece to see The Frog Prince this morning.  It was a very cute little play and the look on her face was priceless. Her eyes filled with excitement and her smile was from ear to ear.  This half hour was the only half hour she was not asking me questions.  We followed up the play, having to drive back into town to grab lunch and head to the beach.  From the moment we left the house in the morning, until the moment she had food in her belly she was asking questions.  Today was the first day I realized just how many questions my little LoveBug asks on a daily basis.

“Aunt Dorphy why is the wind blowing”...”Aunt Dorphy why is that moped parked there.”..."Aunt Dorphy why are we walking"..."Aunt Dorphy why are you putting me in my car seat"...”Aunt Dorphy why are we going to the beach.”...”Aunt Dorphy why is it taking so long to get to the beach.”...”Aunt Dorphy why did you roll down the windows.”...”Aunt Dorphy why are you driving.”...”Aunt Dorphy why are you sitting there.”...”Aunt Dorphy didn’t you know it’s easier to walk to the beach than to drive?”...”Aunt Dorphy why are you parking there.”...”Aunt Dorphy why are you backing up.”...”Aunt Dorphy why did you get out of the car.”..."Aunt Dorphy!Aunt Dorphy! Why are you not saying anything."...These were just some of her questions.  When I finally met up with BigSis (My niece’s mother) I told her all the questions I had been asked.  Her only reply, “Welcome to my world.”  My niece didn’t seem to ask that many questions yesterday or the day before.  It seemed, she just chose a day that I was sleepy and had a touch of the Irish Flu.  Still, I couldn’t help but laugh from all of her questions.  How wonderful to be so young and inquisitive.  My brother-in-law said it right today, “Five years old is the perfect age.  You have no responsibilities, your only job is to play and have fun.  You don’t have to go to school yet.  The only downfall to being five is you have no control.”  Cheers to having no control!

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