Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Worse Idea Ever!

Today, I can honestly say I made the worst decision of my life.  It all started with bringing my four year old niece to the store to get provisions for making spaghetti and meatballs.  That wasn’t where I went wrong.  I went in the wrong direction when I let her ride in the cart with the little car attached.  Have you seen these?  It screams a good time.  So how could I say no to my little Lovebug.  Obviously, the super market would never have anything in their store that would cause a major issue, obviously.  So my little one hopped into the mini car and away we went into the market to gather everything we needed.  Everything started off fine.  The isles were large enough to grab the cheeses and french bread we needed for the garlic bread.  We were rockin' and rollin'.  There wasn’t many people at this point in time at the store.  My little Lovebug was able to let loose with her driving skills and beeping the little horn.  Life, at this moment, was good.  We were moving at a rapid pace, especially for having a four year old with me.  Then we had trouble finding the meatballs.  I went down one isle and then I went down another.  A little difficult to maneuver this monstrosity of a cart with a car attached to it, but I was making things happen.  Things were really going my way.  Then I turned the corner into another isle.  There was a bit of a traffic jam as we entered the isle.  My niece decided this was the perfect time to beep her little horn and say, “BEEP! BEEP!”  This statement made everyone move out of the way and caused me to give my apologies, “Sorry, She didn’t mean you. She’s just playing.  I’m so sorry.”  It was at this moment I knew I better haul booty.  The isles seemed to get smaller, my cart seemed to get larger and my niece became louder in her beep beeps.  I finally grabbed all I needed to make the simple dish of spaghetti and meat balls.  It was time to check out.  I put all my groceries on the conveyor belt and moved the cart down the lane.  I was half way through the lane with my cart and the check out guy was done checking me out.  He then decided to inform me that the cart I have doesn’t fit all the way down the lane.  This special cart only fits down two lanes.  “Oh course it doesn’t fit.  Why would it fit?”  So, I moved the cart out of the way, grabbed my niece and paid for my groceries before the mob of people behind me started throwing their tomatoes and beating me with their cheese sticks.  It's never a good feeling when all eyes are on you.

I have learned my lesson, never opt for the “fun” shopping cart.  Better yet, get your groceries delivered to your house.  I’m now enjoying a big glass of wine and a large plate of well deserved spaghetti.  Sante!

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