Sunday, July 10, 2011

Man vs. Cat Lady

I’m not sure which is worse:

1. Having your life figured out, and your relationship not working out the way you’d hoped,
2. Having a relationship that you can’t work out with each other, or
3. Finding someone you want to figure out life with, but they don’t want to figure you into their life.

All of these scenarios hurt, all may be equally difficult.

After my latest breakup, I’m starting to think that maybe I’d be better off alone. I stopped looking at being a “…cat lady wearing a fanny pack…” as a bad thing. I’m starting to embrace the concept of “mom-jeans”, spooning Jack (My little black cat) on a nightly basis, and being able to find all my necessaries conveniently located on my waist.

Ironically enough, this “I don’t care and I’m not interested” attitude has been like catnip for guys. I’ve been hit on more in the last few weeks than I have in my entire life. The other night, while out on the town, I bumped into a professional basketball player. (Eventually, you run into everyone on this island.) We started chatting. After a short time he grabbed my left hand, gave it a pointed inspection, then asked if I had a husband or a boyfriend.

Lazy Girl: “No, I have a cat and he likes to be spooned.”

6’6”-and-Gorgeous: “Don’t you ever get tired of that?”

Lazy Girl: “Sure. Then, sometimes he spoons me.”

Surprisingly enough, 6’6”-and-Gorgeous was still talking to me even after I told him I’m a cat lady. Nevertheless, at the end of the evening, I walked away from him. I’m just not in the mood to hop back into the dating game, or any variation thereof.

Sometimes you are better off not worrying about what the other person thinks. Do you have them in a perpetual state of annoyance by talking about your cat and how adorable you think it is when the cat drools? How do they really feel about you? More importantly, how do they feel about your cat? Where is this man-cat lady-cat relationship going? If things really get serious, how are they going to feel about sharing the bed with your cat? How will your cat feel about sharing the bed with him?

All of these questions are important yet frustrating for a cat lady. Perhaps I’ll give up my cat lady ways when my little man leaves me for Celestial Friskies and Angel Treats in Heaven. I don’t even want to think about it, so I’m hoping I will have at least another 10 years with my Jackie-Boo. (However, it is a great source of comfort to know that there is at least one other person in this world who “gets it.” 8: )


  1. That video is hilarious! Haha. I love cats too but maybe I'll spring that information on my date somewhere between 'tipsy' and 'completely smashed'. I figured if we're comfortable being drunk in front of one another, he could handle my love for a cat (or 4).


  2. Sabrina do you have four cats? I love it! This video is so funny, makes me laugh every-time. "I want them in a basket...I want them on a rainbow."


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