Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love Cellulite!!!

Today, the temp was up there!  So I decided to forgo my usual hot weather attire, the sundress, and opted for shorts.  As I was walking around downtown today, I got a few whistles, plus a few guys stopped me on the street to chat. I think I get hit on more when I have no make up on, than when I throw on my lipstick, mascara and I’m trying. (Note to self stop wearing make-up.)  After the ego boosts, I continued down the street and I took notice of my jiggly thighs.  I thought to myself, “I love the way my booty and thighs jiggle!”  No offense to someone super skinny but I love thunder thighs!  There’s a line from Tammy Wynette song, Woman to Woman, that always plays in my head when I see a curvy woman walking down the street. “She’s sweet when she talks and she bounces all over when she walks.  She’s forgot more about a man than your sweet momma ever told you.”  I grew up in a house where curves were coveted, the curver the better.  As a young girl and teenager I looked more like a 2x4 with glasses and braces, than a curvaceous high school hottie.  I remember a girl on my basketball team saying this to me after my high school boyfriend just cheated on me.  “Dorothy, guys want something to hold on to. You’re so skinny, you slip right through their fingers.”  After the shock of her honesty and thanking her for making me feel so good about my body, what she said resonated with me.  Women are so concerned about their weight, their hips, their thighs and what guys want physically, instead of loving every inch of their “imperfect parts”.  I’ve always thought there is someone out there that will love every inch of you body.  (Hopefully over and over again!)

Example: My Father told me that his “type” is tall blondes but he can’t keep his hands off my Mother.  She’s 5’2.5” (More like 5’1”) and a redhead.  Just goes to tell you, if you love your bad bits and pieces someone is going to follow in loving you too.

Here's a forecast for you ladies out there...curves are going to come back with a vengeance.  Size 6 is going to be too skinny within the next year or so...Just saying.

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