Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking up with your Personal Trainer

I’m not sure if this question was a hint for me since I don’t take hints very well I will remain clueless, but I think its a great question regardless, How do you break up with your personal trainer?

There are many reasons for breaking up with your personal trainer.  Maybe, their style doesn’t mesh well with your style.  I know some personal trainers that should be Dominatrix (This very well could be their side job.) I know other personal trainers, that don’t really take the time to listen to what the client's needs and wants are, which is just a sign of a poor personal trainer.  I also know trainers that take more of a helping/loving approach to their clients, which can pose a problem if the client needs real motivation.  Another reason for a break up could be you feel you no longer need a personal trainer.  The last reason, would be cost.  It can be costly to have a personal trainer. So how do you break up without hurting the trainer’s feelings or being roped into signing up for more training sessions?

Well, you could not show up if you’re supposed to meet them somewhere, say a gym. Or If they come to you, just lock the door and hide.  Although I wouldn’t suggest either since both examples would be rude and some personal trainers are scary strong and could kick your booty to the moon. 

Here is some verbiage:

The Honest Approach:

“I can’t afford your sessions any more, sorry, I am going to have to stop going to you.”
- Your trainer might be inclined to give you a discount.  If not, if you can’t pay them, I doubt there will be hurt feelings on their part, unless you didn’t pay them to begin with.

“Trainer, I am sorry I am going to have to stop seeing you. I feel we are not well matched.  I’m looking for someone that is going to rip me a new one every work out session.”
- If it’s a case where you feel you are not match well with your trainer, explain to them why.  Help them to learn as well. Communication is the key to any good relationship, even one that is ending.  People always want to know why you don’t want to be with them.

“You have inspired me so much!  I decided I’m going to become a personal trainer as well.  Thank you again!” - So you’ve gotten to the point where you don’t feel you need a trainer anymore huh?  Awesome and good for you.  Let’s be honest though, you’ll be back...They always come back.

“Trainer, I am going to have to stop our sessions.  I have told you repeatedly that I don’t like to run and it hurts my feelings when you call me a whiny little bitch.”
- When your trainer isn’t listening to what you are saying there is a problem.  There should be a balance and a clear plan shaped out for each individual client.  Of course, if you are being a whiny little bitch, shut up and get back on the treadmill. 

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