Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lazy Girl Tip: The Jean Diet

If The Bathing Suit Diet is a little too extreme for you, then may I suggest The Jean Diet? It won’t involve you getting nearly naked and it can be just as effective. Picture this if you will, your favorite pair of jeans. You know the pair that makes you look fabulous and shapes your derriere just right. How are they fitting lately? Loose? Muffin Top? Are you actually fitting into them? Really access the situation.

I heard a great quote the other day, “Just because you put a blouse to cover up your muffin top doesn’t mean you’re a cupcake.” The muffin tops have to go girls. It’s not a good look and whomever is telling you you look good, is not a true friend. The only person that knows what size you are is you. Who really cares what size you are wearing, as long as you are healthy and feel good. Wear clothes that fit.

Which area do you fall into?

Maintenance: Do your jeans fit perfectly? Then woo hoo for you! Now you just need to maintain that great feeling of your favorite jeans zipping all the way up, without lying on the bed and sucking in your belly. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?
How to Maintain: Watch what you eat. If you feel the jeans getting even the tiniest bit tighter, then time to switch from big juicy burgers to yummy lean meats and eat more veggies. Maybe take a walk after work or climb stairs on your lunch break.

Over-Worked Zipper: Do you have to lie on your bed and use a pair of pliers to zip up your jeans? Then your zipper is, if not already, a little over worked. Until you can zip these jeans up while standing, you shouldn’t wear them. This doesn’t mean you give up on these jeans, they are your favorites after all.
What to do: Now is the time to start to become healthier. Eating leans meat, load up the veggies, skip on as much sugar as possible and find a fun workout activity. You may indulge in a piece of something sweet every now and then. Keep your eye on the prize, your favorite pair of jeans!

Can’t Fit Them Over Knees: Can you not fit your favorite jeans over your knees? If so, I’m sorry. I’ve been there before and it stinks. Unless you’re fine with going the next size or two up. As long as you’re comfortable with any decision you make. If you used to be a size 0 and now you can’t fit into your pants, unless, you’re 5ft, then you’re probably in a healthy size zone. I can’t say for sure, without seeing your frame. Just don’t beat yourself up over it. If you’re healthy that’s all that matters. There are better jeans out there for you. Like in any relationship, sometimes someone outgrows the other.
If you want to fit into those jeans again: I have been in your situation. I myself, gained quite a bit of lbs at one point or another and was unable to fit into my favorite, butt hugging jeans over my knees. I almost cried. What did I do? The Bathing Suit Diet. I knew I was a little over my normal weight, so I kicked myself into high gear, ate better and worked out daily. Eventually, I was able to fit right back into my favorite pair. You can too!

Remember: The goal, always, it to be healthy. Never starve yourself to fit into an image that is unsafe or unhealthy. We all have different body shapes and sizes. Embrace yours!

*The photo above is of me, in my favorite pair of jeans, about to run into a Labyrinth that was located in the countryside of England. I was lost for hours. No one should ever be lost in their favorite pair of jeans.

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