Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lazy Girl Tip: The Bathing Suit Diet

So you want to eat whatever you want, not gain weight and maybe lose a couple of pounds. Great! I have a simple plan for you. There are a few diets that I adhere to. One of my favorites is, The Bathing Suit Diet. You’re not going to find a book about this diet. It’s far too simple and very little instruction is needed.

Step 1:

Find your favorite bathing suit, the smaller the better. (I love Brazilian Bikinis.)

Step 2:

Put on said bathing suit. (You may want to shave your legs at this point.)

Step 3:

Wear this bathing suit while you’re at home, especially when you’re hungry. If you have roommates or a spouse that is looking at you like you have five heads, just tell them you're on the Bathing Suit Diet. Maybe, ask if they would like to join you.

The Logic:
If you’re walking around in your bathing suit, you will be nearly naked and be more aware of your body. Guess who won’t be snacking and eating too much junk...YOU! Instead, you’ll grab that bag of BBQ chips, maybe have a few crisps but then you’ll realize you are nearly naked. If it’s snack time, better grab an apple with almond butter. Within a few shorts weeks, you’ll be feeling satisfied and guilt free with a smaller waist line.

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to throw on your swim suit and bask in the glory of you. Get strutting!!!

*The above photo is a day on the beach with AppleBottom, Myself and KitKat. We can't get enough of our bathing suits.

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  1. Elegant and brilliant in its simplicity.
    Nice visuals too!


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