Sunday, May 22, 2011

Laugh Through The Bad

Every girl needs one friend like my friend, Adventure Girl.  She is always there for me through thick and thin, I can talk to her about everything and she doesn’t judge, which is huge.  The cherry on top of the sundae is, she is the life of the party.  It is impossible to not have a good time when you're around her. 

This past week has been stressful for myself.  As it turns out, Adventure Girl was having a stressful time as well.  I had just gotten home from Nantucket Wine Festival and was completely tired from all the wine I consumed.  I got into my jammies and snuggled up to my cat Jack.  Then suddenly, I received a text message from Adventure Girl asking if I wanted to meet her for a drink.  Usually, once I am in my jammies it will take a crowbar to get me out of them but this was Adventure Girl calling and I needed a fun night out.  I texted her back, “See you there in five.”  I threw on some jeans, a cute top, some lipgloss and headed out the door. 

The night started with a glass of bubbles at Ventuno with my favorite bartender Johnny B.  Once we were finished with our bubbles Adventure Girl turned to me and said, “Now I know you were in your jammies before coming out, did you want to go home now?”  There was no hesitation in my voice, “Nope, I’m out for the night.  Let’s have fun!”

We decided our next stop was to go see another favorite bartender of ours, Jimmy Agnew at Oran Mor.  You may know him from Agnew Enterprises or Cisco Brewers.  He’s great company and always good for a pick me up if you need one.  We enjoyed a glass of wine and some orgasmic appetizers, the gnocchi and the charcuterie.  After this, both Adventure Girl and I were quite ready for some dancing.  We were on our way to The Chicken Box when we heard the roar of the top 40s playing from The Rose & Crown

Adventure Girl quite delightfully said, “It’s cold.  Should we go warm up for a bit at the Crown before we go to the box?”  How could I say no?

We worked up quite a sweat from dancing.  I didn’t want to leave the dance floor.  All my favorite work out songs that I dance to on my treadmill were blasting through the speakers.  I was having a great time throwing down some of my best moves aka The Robot.  A few hours of dancing was when Adventure Girl made an observation, “I think it’s time to go to the Box.  The guys are closing in on us.” So the two of us left for The Box.  Joshua Tree, a U2 cover band was playing.  When we got to the Box it was beyond packed and I thought to myself, “Oh no what have you gotten yourself into.”  I decided I was just going to roll with it.

Adventure Girl and I elbowed our way to the front of the stage.  We could hardly dance, the place was packed.  At this point, I was sober and I'm not sure if you know how unpleasant it is to be sober amongst hundreds of people whom are drinking up a storm.  It felt like I was in a washer machine on the spin cycle.  I could hardly dance, people were spilling their drinks on me and I was in a constant state of being bumped and pushed.  I looked at Adventure Girl and we both started laughing.  This was ridiculous, I wanted to leave but I thought to myself you’re here and you’re going to have fun if it kills you.  As it would turn out, I had the time of my life.  I sang along with the roaring crowd and I just chose to ignore the people pushing me and the amount of drinks that were being poured over my shirt and shoes.  I just laughed through the whole experience.  At end of the night, I felt like my old self once again. 

The moral of the story is, sometimes you have to take a chance, life doesn’t go how you would expect it to.  When things are not going your way, just laugh through it.  As my Mother always says to me, “This too shall pass.”

*The above photo is of Adventure Girl and I finding a rickshaw in the middle of the sidewalk.  She was trying to take me for a ride around town.  It's a gift to have friends you can laugh and be silly with.

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