Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Don't be a drag, Just be a Queen!

A question has been asked, Where does my inspiration come from?  The answer is simple, Drag Shows.  When I need a pick me up or have a need to be inspired to be my best self, the only place where it all makes sense is a drag show.  My favorite is in San Diego, Lips.  Almost every night of the week as well as Sunday Brunch, this venue will have some sort of fun activity that is sure to inspire. 

If you’re thinking in your head, huh? You are inspired by men dressing up as women.  Let me explain.  These are not men dressing up as women.  It’s so much more and they are so much more. When you enter into a drag show venue everything is fabulous.  You’re greeted by a celebrity, more than likely Barbara, Tina or Cher.  You find yourself a table as close to the action as possible, sit down and enjoy a cocktail.  When the show begins, the ladies have amazing bodies, their dance moves are out of this world, their fashion sense is stellar and they all display such confidence.  So, yes, I get a lot of inspiration from these ladies; How to look fabulous, how to act fabulous, a self-esteem boost and their hard bodies inspire my lazy bootie to get to the gym.

A guy friend from L.A. once told me, “Girls love Gaga.”  And I do love me some Lady Gaga.  I was in New York when she was first was on the scene.  She is amazing.  There are a few drag shows that gather inspiration from her.  She’s out of this world.  I love all her songs, especially, “Born this way.”  Sometimes you just need a song to remind you that you are special and everything you are is amazing.

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