Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love Scotch...Scotch, Scotch, Scotch

I love being a woman.  Wearing a frilly dress, stilettos and red lipstick instantly make me happy.  If I could, I would wear this ensemble everyday.  As much as I love being a woman and acting like a lady, I love feeling like a man.  This includes but is not limited to drinking Scotch.  One of my most memorable Scotch drinking experiences was while I was visiting Scotland on Valentine's Day.  I was traveling through the country by myself.  I wanted to make sure my Valentine’s Day was special.  I looked into Scotch tours and dinners in Edinburgh.  Turns out, everything was booked for Valentine’s Day, go figure right?  So what’s a single gal to do?  Throw on something cute and march herself right down to the hottest Scotch drinking spot in town, The Scotch Whiskey Experience.  After my mini tour, I sat at the bar with a very knowledgeable Scotsman bartender.  He educated me a little bit in Whiskeys.  This facility offers hundreds of different types of Scotches to choose from.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the stomach or the tolerance to try them all.  Here are a few that were memorable. 

My bartender told me, when you’re trying a Scotch for the first time to always try it without ice or water.  You’ll get a feel for the whiskey and how you’ll like it served.  Not all Scotches will require ice or water, especially if they are smooth like some of the choices below.

A’bunadh - This was my favorite. It was smooth and had a strong burn.  My bartender told me people either love or hate this Scotch's particular burn. 

Tullibardine - Was super light and easy to drink.

Lagavulin -  This was my least favorite.  It tasted like cigars.  Which is a very pleasing factor for some Scotch drinkers, not myself.

Balvenie aged 12 Years - This was my second favorite, not as smooth as the A’bunadh but had great flavor.

Don’t forget that May is Lazy Personal Training’s Outside month.  What are you doing outside?  Are you outdoors? Are you thinking outside the box? Are you trying new things outside your comfort zone?

For me all the above!  I have been outside doing something even though the weather hasn’t been all that glorious.  I have been also engaging in activities that are outside my comfort zone and I have also been trying my hardest to think outside the box.  This month has been a whirlwind and everyday I look forward to what is next.  I am relishing in the present moments.  I hope you are as well. 

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