Thursday, May 12, 2011

Walk the Plank

I’ve been asked, what is my favorite over all exercise?  The answer is not PG, so I will go with my second favorite, The Plank.  This isn’t an overall exercise but this move does target multiple areas: Your Core (Abs), Hips, Back and Arms.  It is simple to do and doesn’t require a lot of time on the participant’s part.  You can do this work out move while you’re watching TV, if you're a lazy girl like myself.  This move may take some extra focus and practice, especially if your cat rubs up against your face or your dog starts humping your leg.

-Start by lying face down on a Yoga or Pilates mat.
-Place your elbows and forearms underneath your chest.
-Focus on your breathing and tightening your core.  Think belly button touching your spine.
-Prop yourself up to form a bridge using your toes and forearms.
-Keep your core tight and continue focusing on your breath.
-Do not let your hips or back sag.
-Keep a straight line and back flat.
-For the first time try to hold for 10 seconds.  If you can go longer do so. Work up to holding this position for 2-3 minutes.

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