Thursday, November 4, 2010

Change Your Environment

The color green has never been more in fashion as it is today. Recycling should be apart of our every day lives. Being from an island where recycling is a mandate puts me in a state of shock when I travel to other cities and towns and I am unable to spot any recycling bins. Where is all of the trash going? A scary thought to think about if you ask me.

In this day in age with the global changes in the economy, our natural resources and the constant changes with our planet, it should be mandatory to recycle all materials. Think of all the good that can come from recycling. Not only everyday rubbish and junk but clothing and catch phrases from the 80's. Let us take an example from the fashion world. When something goes out of style, it is only a matter of time before we see it come back. I would have never dreamed of seeing leggings again but guess what, they have made a come back. You know what, I love them and I hope they’re here to stay! There are many ways to be creative and preserve our resources fiscally, globally and naturally.

I am definitely going to be a better participant in the "Going Green" craze. I am going to change my environment by recycling my house hold garbage, reuse old clothing and I intend to single handedly bring back 80's catch phrases such as;

Aces: This can be used when describing anything amazing.
Autobots! Transform and rollout!: Start saying this to your friends when it’s time to leave the house
By the power of Greyskull!: This can be used as your all around phrase for being happy or in shock
Bag your face: Telling someone to get lost
Choice: “That car is so choice.”
Righteous: Describing something amazing or awesome

I’m also recycling M.A.S.H. Not the tv show but the game. You’re going to live in an apartment with Bill, You’re going to drive a pinto, have one child, be a surgeon and live in Ohio.

Recycling is fun!

Here are some ways to improve our world. Most of these useful ways to help our world, helps to also keep money in your pocket.

-Turn off the lights and any electronics when not in use
-Recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, cans and anything else you want to throw away
-Walk or ride your bike
-Car pool
-Bring your own bags when shopping
-Support local businesses such as farmers
-Low flow shower head
-Plant a tree
-Use compact fluorescent bulbs, you’ll save money here too since these bulbs last 4 times longer than normal bulbs.
-Switch to a laptop computer
-Clean spills with cloth: Twenty-seven million trees a year are destroyed to support our paper towel addiction.

Thank you for reading and happy reusing, reducing and recycling!

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