Monday, October 4, 2010

Cleanse and Mediation

The past few months have been crazy wonderful and I have had the time of my life this summer. Unfortunately, all the parties have wreaked havoc on my well being and I am feeling a little off balance and I need to get my groove back. The best way for me to reach that lovely balanced equilibrium is to do a cleanse and meditate. There’s no time like the fall to rid oneself of toxins from the body, mind and soul. I am heading to San Diego in a few weeks for business and to catch up with friends, so the timing is perfect. I will do a 7 day long cleanse featured from Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself, by Alejandro Junger, M.D..

Before The Clean Program, I was always scared of cleanses. I thought I couldn’t make it one day starving myself. That was always the first thing that would come to mind, no food. To be clear that is fasting, cleansing's evil cousin. I haven’t done a fast since Easter 2003 and I don’t plan starting one now. The Clean Program really is revolutionary and quite doable. I have done it a few times and have found much success. Sure there are moments where I start to feel the hunger but luckily with this program I was able to have a meal or a juice about every three hours. Plus, the way I felt after the week long cleanse is quite phenomenal and I hope you will see the benefits as I have.

On top of the cleanse, I am going to kick my meditations up to fifth gear. I try to mediate on a daily basis but with this summer I’ve only been able to do a few minutes everyday. I have learned a few Sanskrit Mantras from Thomas Ashley-Farrand. “Through mantra practice, positive karma flows freely into our lives … desires are fulfilled … spiritual abilities manifest … and we have moved another step forward toward moksha—complete spiritual freedom.” - Thomas Ashley-Farrand

One of my favorite mantras and it is quite simple is Om Shanti Om, which is a mantra for peace of mind. I am often saying this mantra in my head when I get nervous or I have anxiety. Which usually happens when I go to the doctor’s office or hear a Jonas Brothers song. When doing any mantra, the count is always 108. You can chant more than this daily but the minimum is always 108 times. I keep count by using a Mala, which are prayer beads. With any mantra sequences to get any lasting benefit you must chant for a minimum of 40 days. So I will continue this mediation past the 7 day long cleanse. I like to start my day off right with this chant. I find a quiet space and either I chant in my head or I say the chant aloud. Either way is right.

I will post daily the information on the cleanse. The next post will be on the shopping list for the cleanse. Followed by the daily menus and recipes. All are welcome to jump in and do this with me. This is an especially great time since the holiday season is nipping on our heals. Which just means more yummy foods, wine, dancing and romancing!

Pick up the book Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D. at any book store. Prices Ranging any where from $17-$25.

His Website:

Also make sure to pick up one of Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s many books on mantras and meditations. Prices Ranging any where from $10-$25

His Website:

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