Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make Your Woman Feel Like Number One

The other day while having a discussion with one of my big brothers I came to the brilliant conclusion that all problems that guys have with their significant others stems from that special woman in your life not feeling like she is number one. Women, and ladies don’t try to deny, want to feel like their significant other wants no one but them and would do anything for them. Which equals to the woman feeling like she is number one in her special someone's life. Men and women are different when it comes to relationships. There are countless books written on the subject. There are whole occupations dedicated to the cause of explaining and helping men and women understand each other. Now I can’t speak for a male side to help women understand men but I can speak for the female side for men to understand women. It all boils down to, “Make your woman feel like she is the most important thing to you.” This doesn’t necessarily mean she has to be. It can be easily faked, women know a thing or two about this. A woman just wants to feel that she is.

An example of making a girl number one when it really doesn’t make any sense to do so:

I was dating a guy who was off doing some guy thing in another state. I went over to a girlfriends house to watch movies, eat ice cream and braid each other’s hair. After we were done with the chick flicks, the self loathing binge eating and our heads resembled a Picasso painting, I drove home at about 1am. I was running out of gas but thought I could make it home. I have a fear of the dark and don’t like stopping any where at night while I’m by myself. I was exiting off the highway when my car stopped. I was in the middle of the road, about a mile away from my house and I thought, “Oh crap! You’re an idiot.” Which I most certainly was. Luckily I know how much of an idiot I am and have AAA on speed dial. I am constantly locking my keys in my car, usually right where I can see them, on the drivers seat. With in a half hour, a nice gentleman was there to give me a bit of fuel, enough to get me home. The next day my boyfriend called to see how my night went and to tell me he was still alive. I told him what happened, to which he said, “Why didn’t you call me?” Now, he and I both knew he wouldn’t be able to help me physically, he was in another state for goodness sakes but it made me feel special to hear that he would have. Sometimes that’s all a girl wants to hear, that you would do anything for her.

An example of not making a girl number one when you easily could have:

I have a girlfriend whose boyfriend is very active with his guy friends, what guy isn’t right? He’ll go on guy’s weekends to Vegas, rafting trips, camping etc, etc. The whole weekend he’s away he doesn’t call her. Now, I am sure there are things running through your head on why he doesn’t call. Trust me they are running through mine and hers too. It’s a guy’s weekend he shouldn’t have to call, he’s with his boys. With that being said fights can easily be practically erased by just doing the little things, like a phone call or text message to your special lady. This boyfriend could have easily fought off the inevitable, which is the cold shoulder when he gets home. Maybe it doesn’t happen right when you arrive. It would be days, weeks, even months before you see the result of not making her feel like she’s number one. You’ll be in some fight over the remote and she’ll pull that little gem she’s been saving out of her back pocket. “You didn’t even call me once while you were in Vegas.” A smart guy, even if he behaves himself while away, will call his girlfriend. It makes her feel special, loved and number one. To know you are calling her maybe even in front of your guy friends is something special. You’re taking time out from your weekend to just say hi. Now, I understand how dumb this may sound and even lame but if you truly care about your lady, that two minute phone call equals a happy lady at home and you won’t have to worry about a cold shoulder once you get back.

So guys do the the little things. Make your lady feel number one. This doesn’t mean that she is number one in your life, but she feels like she is.

Women are bat Sh$t Crazy! Dating or being married to a woman is like being in the special forces. You need to know your target in and out, backwards and forwards. You need to have a back up plan for your back up plan and sometimes you are handling a ticking time bomb. Here are some ideas to help you out:

-Call, text or email through out the day. There is a chance of going over board here, so gage your lady

-Cook a meal for her. This can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

-Tell her she looks beautiful. A nice touch is when she has no make on and you tell her she looks beautiful. A girlfriend’s husband told her he likes her best with no make up on, a t-shirt and jeans. You best believe she feels like number one.

-When she comments and says a girl is attractive. Men don’t fall for this, it’s a test. Agree that the woman is attractive but doesn’t hold a candle to her. Who cares if you’re lying.

-Remember birthdays, anniversaries, favorite flower, favorite color, favorite dessert or candy and favorite thing that sets her apart. With the smart phones this should be easy. Just plug the info into your phone. When shopping for presents if you know what her favorite color is you’re usually in the clear for finding the right thing.

-When she asks if she looks good in what ever she is wearing always say yes. If she doesn’t look good in what ever she is wearing suggest something that you love her in. Example, “I love that black dress you wore to that dinner a week ago. You looked stunning.” She will either pop on the dress you suggest or get frustrated because she wore the dress a week ago. Either way you’ll get her out of the dress with out her getting mad at you for saying she doesn’t look good.

-If she’s had a rough day tell her you’ll run her a bath. Hopefully you’ll get invited into the bath, wink wink nudge nudge.

-Invest in Tivo or a DVR. Record your shows and hers so there is no missing any vital information. If you’re really good you’ll already set up the shows she loves. Make sure to tell her you did so.

-Advice from my father, when in doubt just say “Yes dear.”

Now when it comes to lying I know there is a fine line between a good lie and a bad lie. Let your conscience be your guide on this one. Good Luck out there!

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