Friday, August 20, 2010

What Motivates You?

To keep up with any health or exercise regimen you need to have some form of motivation. It can be difficult to get to the gym. We are all busy and maybe even a little nervous. Sometimes it can be hard to keep the momentum going when we take breaks from our diets and fitness activities. Maybe we didn’t do anything physical this past week or we skipped our spin/yoga/stripper pole class. I see many persons stop working out after a few days of taking a break. Life becomes too busy and hectic and we say to ourselves, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Next thing you know a week has gone by and we don’t even know where our sneakers are hiding. Breaks are fine, just get yourself doing something after the time out. Even just one activity can get your mind back into taking care of your body.

Here are some motivators that I have been hearing lately.

Eating what ever you want
Wearing what ever you want
Wedding or Reunion
Strapless Dress
Your Children
Health Concerns
Healing Your Body

For me one of my major motivations is love. I stay in shape for my significant other and for the love of myself. It’s a great motivator for my love to not want to take their eyes and hands off of me. So that would be one of the reasons for me working out and If that means me doing an extra pilates session or even just 10 more minutes on the treadmill, I’m there. I also try to eat as healthily as possible for the love of my body, mind and soul. Sticking as close as I can to a clean diet with no processed foods is essential.

Now, when I’m not in a relationship my motivations become more short term and mainly surrounding a pleasurable and satisfy life. Staying in shape so that I can eat as much as I want between Thanksgiving and New Years, this is a big one. Getting my butt to the gym because I’m going on vacation. Again the focus is eating what ever I want. I’m a pleasure seeker, good food, good wine and good love are my main focuses and motivations in life.

So what is your motivation for hitting the gym or taking an extra fitness class? Do you have something different that keeps you motivated? Or a twist on staying motivated?


  1. I think the person in those pictures I have posted all over the place keeps me motivated! ;-)

  2. Yeah LPT has been there before. Photos of the one you love help to keep us motivated as well. BTW Keep up the great work!


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