Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exercise While Injured

Recently I went on a Lingerie Fishing Tournament hosted by the D.O.L.LS on Nantucket. This could be one of the best events I have ever been to in all my days. About 30 lovely ladies dressed up in lingerie fishing, can you get any more amazing? I don’t think so. Well, It really was a perfect day. The weather was outstanding, the champagne was flowing and the fish were biting. All in all, it was the best day of the summer for me minus one minor detail, I ended the fishing trip with a sprained middle finger on my left hand. Not a highlight but I would gladly do it again, it was a sensational day. Now how I got myself into this predicament is not important. What’s important is for at least another month, while my finger is healing, I will have to wear a splint. This makes working out a bit cumbersome. So I will have to work around my injury so to not fall behind in my work out routine. How does one do this?

Even when you’re injured one should still be able to do some form of exercise. To do this one must do exercises around the injury. When my brother broke both his legs, he used his upper body. Sometimes he would wheel himself around the town, other times he would use his upper body to pull himself across the floor at home. He was still working some part of his body. Remember to stay away from processed foods and get plenty of lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Your body needs to be in tip top form to heal itself. Eating healthily will speed the healing process and allow your body to focus on healing the injury.

Area of Injury and Examples of Exercises:

Upper Body Injury - Up the ante with cardio. This means go for a longer walk, run up the stairs at work, jump the invisible jump rope, hop on a trampoline. Anything that doesn’t involve using too much of your upper body. Also doing lower and core exercises, like wall squats, will help your body stay in the physical mindset.

Back Injury - When there is a back injury it is important to do core exercises. Strengthen your back and your abdominals. Pilates is used for injured dancers. The main focus of Pilates on the body is strengthening the core.

Lower Body Injury - Cardio is more than likely not a feasible option depending on the injury. So the main focus here is to work on your upper body and strengthen the rest of the body. Working with weights on the stability ball is a great example.

*Now with any injury please consult your mother, doctor, healer or local shaman before engaging in any physical activity.

**The photo above is pre-injury.

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