Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Work Out Music - Music to Motivate

The key to a great work out is how you feel. For me, I need music to get me off my lazy, bootylicious bum and keep moving. My favorite way to stay in shape is dancing. I would much rather dance the night away than run a few miles. As a lazy person I loathe running and I am just happy there are experts out there that have studied how running can damage your body.

More on that later, onto how we can all get a good work out in, gain faster results and have fun while doing it. Which leads me to music. One needs a good work out mix to stay motivated and moving. Personally I start off with a few warm up songs, then pick up the tempo for the majority of my work out and then I end with slow tempo songs that I enjoy listening to and can move to at a slower pace.

A favorite work out, is to dance on my treadmill and having a great dance mix helps to keep me moving. There is nothing worse than when I am listening to a great song busting a move, breaking a sweat and that song ends. I find my energy level in need of some mouth to mouth. To keep the energy level up it is important to have multiple fast paced songs that are great to dance to and/or sing along with. So, to keep motivation one needs a good play list. I can get lost in time when I am listening to music, which is a great thing when one is working out. Also, when I feel tired or unmotivated I just put on a favorite song and next thing I know It’s an hour later and I have worked up quite a sweat!

So here are some of my current favorites. Some of these have a slower tempo, so I use these songs to warm up, cool down and when I need a moment. I like to have a few songs dedicated to warming up, then two to four fast pace tunes to up the ante, followed by a few slow pace songs. I continue this pattern for a few repetitions. It is best to keep your body guessing, you will burn more fat and have faster results with this method. Then end the work out with a cool down with slow tempo music.

I have all these songs on my work out mix because I am in need of constant change. I know there is a lot here but I like having options, maybe you do too.

If anyone has any tunes that they love and that help them to be in the mood to move then please post them. Everyone needs inspiration!

Lady Gaga
- Bad Romance
- Love Games
-Poker Face

George Michael
- Too Funky
- Freedom
- Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham!)

Gwen Stefani
- What You Waiting For

David Guetta
- Sexy Chick

The Clash
- Come on Eileen
- Should I Stay or Should I go

- Carry Out
- Give It To Me
- Apologize

Justin Timberlake
- Love, Sex and Magic

David Bowie
- Lets Dance

La Roux
- Bulletproof

Pussycat Dolls
- Jai Ho! (You are my destiny)

Tina Turner
- Proud Mary

Fall Out Boy
- Dance Dance
- Thanks For The Memories

Bonnie Tyler - My favorite song to run to, the tempo is just right
- Holding Out For A Hero

- Stupid Girl

James Morrison
- Nothing Ever Hurt Like You

Janet Jackson
- Feedback

- Sorry

Metro Station
- Shake It
- Kelsey

Michael Buble
- Haven’t Met You Yet

- Silly Boy

- La Tortura
- Te Aviso Te Anunico,

Stacey Q - I can’t help but do the robot when I hear this song.
- Two Of Hearts

Kelly Rowland
- Like This

The Killers
- Mr. Bright Side

Secondhand Seranade
- Vulnerable

- Syrup and Honey

Eli Stover
- Tasmanian Devil

Lady Antebellum
- I Run To You

Kings of Leon
- Use Somebody

- More Than A Feeling

Damien Rice
- To Love Somebody

Ray Lamontagne
- Jolene

Gypsy Kings
- Tango Flamenco

- Testify

Europe - If you love Arrested Development and Andy Samberg as much as I do you’ll appreciate this band and this song
- The Final Countdown

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