Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Wine is the most civilized thing in the world."

"Wine is the most civilized thing in the world." - Ernest Hemingway

To quote one of my favorite writers, Ernest Hemingway, he couldn’t be closer to the truth. Wine is quite the civilized drink and good for you too. In moderation of course. A few years ago, while going to school in Florida, I used to love coming home and enjoying some bree, a baguette and a glass of wine. At the time, it was the perfect way to end my day. So for all you wine and cheese lovers like myself, here are some benefit factoids about wine. À Votre Santé! To Your Health!

Reduces risk of death: At least, most causes of mortality, red wine has a protective effect on your body. This is according to research in France, UK, Finland and Denmark.

Heart Disease:
This is well known that having a glass of red wine a day can keep the heart doctor away. Red wine reduces production of LDL and boosts HDL cholesterol. Which are, low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein.

Atheroscierosis: Not here! This is the hardening of the arteries, usually caused when blood vessels are no longer able to relax. Red wine can help to relax blood vessels and help promote healthy blood flow.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging:
There is a correlation of a lower risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. Resveratrol is found in red wine, which can protect your brain and the body against aging.

Heart Attacks: Having one glass a day for women and two a day if you're a man can reduce your risk for a heart attack. Red wine can help a person to de-stress, which puts less strain on the heart.

Now, if you are someone that doesn’t drink, you are still able to receive red wine’s benefits. Here are a few ways: Eating red grapes on a regular basis. The skin of grapes contains many nutrients and antioxidants, just like the juice of the fruit. Also peanuts contain resveratrol. These little nuts have a slightly higher amount of resveratrol than grapes.

Remember everything in moderation, a glass a day if you are female and up to two glasses a day if you are male. This does not mean if you miss your glass of wine on Sunday, you can have two on Monday, sorry but it just doesn’t. If you don’t already drink, there isn’t a need to start on a regular basis. You may find yourself with a bad habit or gaining unwanted pounds since alcohol is “empty calories”. If you are someone that is watching their weight or cautious, I suggest instead of dessert you may have a glass of red wine.

Please, I am not an expert on wine, I only drink it. So, if you have any corrections or anything to add on the subject matter please feel free to set the record straight and educate. All can agree, the benefits are certainly there and I am just happy there is brilliant people in the world that are doing their due diligence in researching this fine product. Thank you and a tip of the hat!

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