Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chivalry = Intense

This Summer I have been less than impressed by the dating material that has been set in front of me.  Prime example: When a “Call me Maybe” situation arose, the time came to exchange numbers with a beautiful man.  He looked me dead in the eye and said, “I’m really bad with numbers.  My assistant is around here somewhere.”  As he looked around the party, two red flags popped up.  One:  He may not be interested in me and is giving an excuse when he won’t be calling me.   In which case, why should I share my number with him?  My number is sacred…every woman’s number is sacred!  Second red flag: Does he really get that many numbers?  Does he really have an assistant that handles all of his lady’s digits?  I think I’ll pass on this headache.  My reply before my friend and I walked away, “You can’t have my number.” 

I have gathered some entertaining stories during these few summer months.  Some of which may or may not make it into my next book.  Other Summer-time love reports, I will save for when I’m old, grey and no on one truly minds what a 90 years old little lady did in her youth…no matter how bold or brash. 


Recently, I felt a click and a pause in my thinking.  All of a sudden, something changed within how I viewed a friend.  I no longer considered this person strictly on a friendship level but now I have acquired an intense infatuation. The flip has been switched, I’m armed with curiosity and a strange new sensation.  I can’t help but know that everything is different.  All because of one everyday moment that for me, has become special.

I had been walked home plenty of times before: by friends and by dates.  I usually hate this because of the knowing that there will be an awkward moment at the end where you and the other person are standing on the side of the road knowing, “This is it…see you later…maybe.”  But this was different.  He carried me up the street because I asked him to.  My feet hurt and the Champagne I was drinking that night caught up to me very fast. This could have been the crescendo to the realization that I had feelings for this person.  Even though I was under the influence, I still can remember my face resting in the cranny of his neck.  I remember thinking, “I must be too heavy for him to carry.”  In all honestly, it was sweet of him to do so and why wouldn’t my heart be won over by someone lifting me up and carrying me home. This was nice and for a brief moment, for lack of a better word, it felt right.  An innocent gesture of him carrying me home was not of someone trying to seduce me, simply a good person that was there to help.  When I climbed down from his arms, we said good-bye and I said “Thank you”.  I started my walk up the road to my house. I looked back to see him looking directly at me.  In a way, it was a very intense experienced for me.  I wasn’t sure what to do with myself and this rarely happens.   At first, his stare made me uncomfortable.  When someone holds his or her glance at me for an extended period, the moment feels very intimate and foreign.  I yelled to the bottom of the street where he was standing, “Stop looking at me!”  Or something to that result…

His answer back would be that of a grenade thrown into my brain barracks.  His initial statement would be the release of the pin, “I want to make sure you get home safely.  Chivalry isn’t dead for some guys.”  I continued my staggering steps toward my front door.  One foot in front of the other later, I looked back just to see if he was still there.  He was.  His stare had not changed in intensity.  Typically, by now, most persons would have gone on their way.  It was at this point, I wanted to march myself down the road and ask him, “What do you think you’re doing?”  Point to where he needs to be and let him know he should leave!  I didn’t.  I turned my toes toward my house and put one foot in front of the other once again.  Just two-steps more, I turned around to see if he was still holding his ground.  He was. That’s when the grenade went off and “POW!”  I have a new crush.  I had a few more glimpses back until I reached my front door.  I waved my hand good-bye and he walked away.  I watched his body become a shadow and disappear.

This unintended encounter gave me a chance to rethink what I want, what type of person I want to be with and what I want to be to someone else.  I know for this person, if was a mere instance of them helping a friend, nothing more than that.  And he did just that in more ways than he could imagine.  For me, this was a possibility to know that sometimes people may surprise you in the most usual of ways and chivalry will keep a girl wanting more.  There's always the possibility that something could go from creepy to absolutely wonderful.

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  1. Dorothy-- it may be a function of my age vs. yours, but it never would have occurred to me to view this man's actions as creepy. It seems sad that chivalry should be so unexpected these days. I'm glad you were open to thinking of it that way, and to its changing your expectations for the future! Chivalry is the ultimate aphrodisiac, in my old-fashioned mind!.


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